April Fools

Fools are everywhere. Fools have no self control , and are loose with their lips. They like to talk about everyone because their hearts aren’t pure. People are foolish by nature. Everyone is working in & from a space of darkness, so we can’t see. What we think is entertainment and fun or even logical,…

Gold Level

God is gold. Attaining a gold mindset is finding God. When you follow God and achieve success you receive gold. Gold is the end goal. Religion skews the whole concept of God because it tries to break it down. Not only does religion make God too literal, it gives you an idol to look up…

Spending Time Alone

Introversion is real. I love staying to myself with my own thoughts. Some people in my position would go crazy because of the amount of time I spend alone. I use to love being around people, until I realized, people are human and most of them don’t know who they are. Putting yourself around misguided…

It’s Up To You

It’s a new year, time to develop new ideas. Start new things. You can have any and everything you want in life but you have to go after it, full speed. I believe you determine your future by your mindset. If you live a passive life, then you won’t accomplish much. You’ll be swept away…


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