I can’t believe it’s 2022 and people are still racist. It breaks my heart to see people not like black people. We impacted a lot while going through a lot and it saddens me, we’re not valued. It comes from us not valuing ourselves. In this next stage of consciousness, that we are all experiencing,… Continue Reading →

Happiness is Essential to Health and Beauty

Healthy living includes being happy. Beauty comes from the inside. The way you feel on the inside shows. It’s important to stay beautiful on the inside so it can be revealed. Most people think it’s genetic, but beauty isn’t an inherited trait. Beauty is about showing vulnerablitly. If you’re unable to let go of life’s… Continue Reading →

Rebuke Flattery

Throughout life you will meet a lot of people. Some may be similar to you, and others may not. It’s important to ground yourself in knowing who you are, so compliments from others (or criticism) does not phase you. We are sucked into a world where others opinions hold weight. We do things that are… Continue Reading →

The Programming pt 1

Hello blog. I have been hit with a theory recently. We are all programmed. We’re programmed to feel certain ways. Our mind has been trained to care about worldly issues. I developed the concept, you have to stay nonchalant through life to not get caught up. Naturally many people are nonchalant. The world beats us… Continue Reading →


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