Let’s Live

Life is an endless journey. Lessons change. What you’re dealing with this year, probably had no impact on you last year. I caught myself still feeling troubled by the things I was already redeemed from. Past anxiety came to hunt me. The enemy will make you forget, you already beat him. It’s important not to… Continue Reading →

Spiritually Bankrupt

The last two weeks have been gloomy. I started off, feeling like I was on top of the world. I finally decided what I wanted to focus on. I spent each day doing what my heart desired. I worked out every morning. I made healthy meals and only did things I wanted to do. I… Continue Reading →

Self Love Recap

2019 and 2020 were based around self love. More people went to therapy and talked about mental health. It was an epidemic during the pandemic. A lot of people became vegan and lived more spiritual lifestyles. We ate better foods and reprogramed our minds to think better thoughts. Now at brink of 2022, I realize… Continue Reading →

Hoes vs. Good Girls

There’s an attack on good girls. All you see on Instagram is half naked women. In music, all that’s talked about is sex. It’s seldom to see women fully clothed. R&B music has been replaced with “thot” pop and ratchet rap. There are many types of women. Bougie chicks, boss babes, wild/free spirits, laid back… Continue Reading →


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