Stay Grounded to Flourish

The vibe of the world has changed recently. I don’t know if you’re aware, the cosmic energy is flowing rampant. It has allowed Earth to be purified, releasing what caused dysfunction. We are in a time where we are forced to ascend. The last 4 years has been all about self care and healing. The… Continue Reading →

Inner & Outer Worlds

I realize there are two worlds. Your inner and outer worlds. One influences the other. If your inner world is chaotic , your outer world becomes hell. You do things that go against yourself when one of your worlds is out of alignment. My inner world became invaded. Being harshly scrutinized by people close to… Continue Reading →

Why I Don’t Say the Word Nigga?

For the longest, ever since I was born, I’ve heard the word “Nigga”. Ignorant people use it to convey an emotion they want to get out. It’s a tricky word though because you never know the intention behind the person that’s saying it. It use to be a word only blacks used, now everyone is… Continue Reading →

Was What Whoopi Goldberg Said On the View Right or Wrong??

Recently Whoopi Goldberg made a strong statement regarding race, it was eye opening. On The View, she talked about how the holocaust had nothing to do with race. She said, it was a white group killing another white group. If it was about race, that wouldn’t have happened. Hitler was a jew. It was an… Continue Reading →


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