Hoes vs. Good Girls

There’s an attack on good girls. All you see on Instagram is half naked women. In music, all that’s talked about is sex. It’s seldom to see women fully clothed. And R&B music has been replaced with “thot” pop and ratchet rap. There are many types of women. Bougie chicks, boss babes, wild/free spirits, laid… Continue Reading →

God’s Love

God’s love is the best love. He loves strong but, gentle. He loves us at our worst and it’s unconditional. Even when we turn our back on him, he still shows up in the most mysterious ways. I gave my life to God and it’s been an enlightening experience. I was blind but, now I… Continue Reading →

Seek God

In today’s time, God is barely talked about. We give more power to Satan. We live in a society that is Anti-God. It’s unfortunate because we need him. I’m getting closer to the creator. I understand I can’t do it by myself and why would I want to when I have him. He’s been there… Continue Reading →

Build Your Craft

It’s awesome to have a passion. It’s cool to have talent. But when you don’t apply pressure, you’re missing out. You must do more than post on social media. You have to use your feet to get what you want. No one ever became sucessful being on social media all day. And if they tell… Continue Reading →


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