Money Driven World

Why is everything money driven? We sacrifice our time on this planet for a few dollars. You may get lucky and actually like working a 9-5 but, you still aren’t free. You still have to sacrifice your soul, body and time.

I do not know where this concept originated. Go to school for 12 years, go to college for 4, get a career, and work the rest of your life until you’re 65. It sounds like a watered down version of slavery. We are still in some way enslaved, that’s how they keep control. Money is controlling us. Money makes us get out of bed when we want to sleep in. Money makes us stay at work all day instead of spending time with our children. Money is evil because it’s makes us go against our soul, for its “security”. Our life’s decisions are based around money.

How can we end the cycle and start being free? It starts with knowing who we are and what we want. We are all destined and designed for a purpose. If we get it in our heads to chase purpose and not money we will soon see money as a by-product. Living below your means also liberates you. When you do not have the burden of having to make money, it enables you to live the life you want. Think about it, living in a world where everyone’s chasing their souls purpose. Where we are able to use our gifts and not be forced to make money. We would finally know peace. I understand why we go to work, because we have to make living. But don’t miss out on actually living. Do not consume yourself with making money because you will fall further in the rat race cycle. Also soon, robots will take over most jobs. That’s going to immediately force us to dig inward and find our gifts. Some may evolve and actually live their purpose and others, will fail because they were never taught. I will discuss AI and how it will take over the planet in a later blog. We must start working our gifts now because, that’s one thing AI does not have.

I want us all to awaken our higher self. Deep in our hearts lies our true self, the person we are to become. Jobs drastically reduce our chances of ever knowing our higher self. We get thrown into a rat race cycle that we never agreed to. It’s so unfair. We come into this world following what has been set up for decades. Our parents, parent parents all had to endure a life of working so we follow them. We work, and tell our kids to work, keeping the cycle going . The wealthy are the only group to have leverage, because someone stopped the rat race cycle a long time ago. They created something that would last for life times. Black people endured slavery and segregation which put us decades behind. But, I’m not using that as an excuse. As Blacks, we are now in a position to do better for our community and families. The longer we make excuses for ourselves, the longer it will take for us to accumalate wealth and exit the rat race. It starts with changing the way we think.

Money, if used right has benefits but it limits your freedom and mind. Also money should not be the goal in life, spritual liberation should. Once you are stuck in the matrix, you become a consumer, enslaved by your material possessions. You become consumed with money and make decisions to harm the world. Reading the book, The soul of money by Lynne Twist changed my perspective on money. In the book, she talks about a visit to the Amazon jungle. Native people in the jungle had never heard of money. They became intrigued by its mysteriousness and, why we Americans wanted it so badly. They didn’t understand it’s use. In their eyes, they could not hunt for it or eat it so, they did not understand why they needed it. She also discussed that she no longer labeled people poor or rich. She’s traveled all over the world. She has seen how a person’s circumstance does not determine their identity. We place labels on each other based on our circumstance. She also talked about going to Ethiopia after the famine. She was in a group of women who had to all buried their children because they didn’t have food or water. The ladies in Ethiopia opened up about how each child died in a 5-day ritual. Their circumstances may have been poor, but to label them poor did not give them enough credit. Inside they were rich. They knew how to hunt, and connected to their land. They knew when it would rain and how to build shelter. They knew themselves. Inside, they were rich. She then talked about meeting wives of billionaires. They had more than enough money, making their circumstances rich. But inside, they did not know who they were and had a poor mentality.

Money does not make you a better person, it just makes you able to buy better things. Society has given money so much power, and has made it everything we base our life around. Society has taught us that money is the main goal and we should chase it if we want a good life. We must redefine what money means so, it won’t have control over us.

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