Staying Fresh

Being a woman, you gain an understanding of what you didn’t know as a girl. Over the years I learned, vaginal odor comes from one source. It’s not hormones or what you eat, even though those factors can contribute. It’s much simpler, it comes from your butt.

I’ve personally dealt with yeast infections & BV (bacterial vaginosis ). I could not detect where it came from. I knew me being sexually active and menstruating every month, could have been the source. I stopped wearing tampons and switched solely to pads. It helped, but I still ran into problems. It made me less confident and embarrassed. I would have to use tablets & rePhresh strips. However, after the medicine ran out, it would return. I became miserable and it messed with my everyday life. It was bad. I no longer wanted to have sex and, all of my efforts seemed not to work.

One day as I was showering, I came up with the idea to focus more on my backside than any other part of my body. I used HOT, steaming water & DOVE soap. You must use Dove because, it’s the real deal. I scrubbed & scrubbed. I then followed up with Dove shower foam, which has a very pleasant smell. I literally turned around and bent over in the shower, exposing my buttocks. The hot water dissolved all bacteria. Once my shower was over, I felt so clean. I smelled completely like soap. I noticed how my vagina reaped the benefits, as it no longer had issues. It smelt like nothing, which indicated a healthy, clean vag.

As the days went on I continued to wash my behind with passion. I focused all of my attention on getting it clean. I didn’t have to buy feminine odor products anymore. I naturally smelled like roses. It boosted my confidence for sure. I noticed how I didn’t have to take two showers a day, one shower was sufficient. My vagina was happy. And to think something so simple fixed my whole issue. I now don’t play when I comes to my behind. I understand that it is close to my vagina, so if one isn’t clean the other won’t be clean. I also use Sea Breeze after my showers, it burns but I think of it as burning the bacteria away. Also keep it dry, moisture attracts bacteria.

With the rise of feminine products, each targeting the same problem, I feel it’s important to know to keep it simple. Buying a ton of products won’t do anything if you’re not cleaning your backside properly. The answer to vaginal odor has always been close to us. Our anatomy is easy, you don’t need a bunch of chemicals down there, just clean your butt.

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