Time has passed since I last updated. I’m growing. I’m getting to the root of who I am & what it is I desire. I learned you cannot learn lessons if you are always on go. You have to pause. Stillness enhances clarity. Growth comes over time. Clear direction is a crucial step in self-discovery.

My life lessons have been at an all-time high. By taking a pause, I was given a new pair of eyes. Pausing is taking a mental break and letting go, surrendering to the universe. I was working, hustling making money. I wasn’t happy, and I was just “getting by”. So, I started to work harder, and “push myself”. My spirit resented me, and I was depressed. It wasn’t until my job let me go, I got the message. Life is about working hard, but if you don’t know in which direction, you’ll always be lost. I said numerous times, “I don’t like working”, “I don’t want a boss, I am a boss”, “this isn’t for me” but I continue to seek employment because I was programmed to believe it was the only way. Job after job, I still was unhappy. I was unclear of what I wanted. It wasn’t until I took a PAUSE, I was able to see my life.

I lived life in a “get by” state. Since childhood, I was in survival mode. Just doing any and everything to keep from going down. As I became older, I became wiser. I’m innately spiritual but, the humdrum of human life makes it hard to reach your best self. That’s why you must sit in silence, and pause in order to hear guidance from your inner self. Your inner self has been here before, she or he is familiar with this world. You’re back because you have more lessons to learn. If you’re constantly in work mode, it’s hard for your higher self to communicate. When you’re doing without direction, you’re not fulfilling your purpose to God. When you’re humanly living day to day life, you’re not being of use to the universe. You’re caught up in the matrix and social media and not consciously at a level to hear your higher self.

Pausing is surrendering. A lot of lessons will come once you pause. Make it a habit to take mental breaks. You don’t always have to be on go, like we’re trained. It’s actually counterproductive that way. 

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