5 Reasons Why Physical Punsihment is Abuse.

Growing up, I didn’t know beatings, whoopings and spankings were all forms of abuse. I would get a “beating” and act as if nothing happened the next time I saw parents. I was numb. I noticed the beatings increased my temper, making me lash out at my siblings more violently. I also grew over emotional because I was being punished with pain, when I needed understanding. It left a layer of confusion and doubt in me. Here I was 10/11 years old, being spanked but, not corrected. Most of the time when parents spank their kids, it doesn’t do anything. Personally, I feel adults DO get a rush out of beating their kids. It’s almost the same rush slave owners got after whooping one of their slaves. It’s not right, and here are 5 reasons:

  1. Beating your child doesn’t fix the problem. One of the most important reason why physical punishment should be banned is because it’s ineffective. What’s the point of physical punishment when the issue is still there? Put the belt down and talk (communicate) to your child.
  2. The child doesn’t understand, you just look like a bully. Let’s be honest, the beating does more for the parent than the kid. Some (crazy) parents want to hold power over their kids, so they know who’s in charge. The little man (ego) gets the best of them and they will go to extremes to prove their power. This highlihghts the toxic nature that is in some adults. Taking your anger out on someone smaller than you is dishonorable, go get some help.
  3. It causes psychological pain. Not only does it cause physical pain but also pshycological. Physical punishment has been linked to anger issues, poor social skills and nerve damage.
  4. It creates sad and hurt adults. You know the saying “the children are our future”. We should protect them and keep them safe, not beat them every chance we get. They are powerless and it’s up to us to make sure they make it to adulthood happy and whole.
  5. Think back to how you use to feel. No one EVER liked getting beat. It was humillitating and stressful. It’s almost like your spirit was being stripped from you. It caused unnecessary conflict and tourmented most childhoods.

I would like to think we reached a place in society where we can agree that physical punishment is barbaric. There are some things we must change if we want to stop generational curses. Everytime you grab a belt to discipline your child, you are completing a ritual meant to keep negative enegy in your family. Healing starts with childhood trauma and part of that trauma, are those hateful whoopings.

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