No Vaccine Please

I am battling whether I should get the COVID vaccine or not. I do not want to get the vaccine. The thought of something foreign, that was created in a lab entering my bloodstream scares the B’JESUS out of me. I don’t trust it. I’ve had “COVID”, my body persevered (like bodies do) and I’m fine. Why must we get the vaccine? Our bodies can function fine without it. I don’t like idea of interuppting what my body does naturally to appease society. The human body has been evolving for centuries and is smart as F, we don’t give it enough credit. We are the purest form of nature. We make electricity. We are a powerful spiecies that does not need outside chemicals.

We are nature, so why is it we depend on non-natural approaches in life? We take medicine and get vaccianated, interrupting what naturally occurs in the body. We go to therapy which has it benefits, but it’s a non natural approach to live. Why pay someone to hear your problems, and offer THEIR advice? They don’t know you, only you know YOU. Personally, I never been to therapy, but I can tell a therapist everything about me. No therapist can tell me about me. Therapy can be a gateway to spritual liberation but, it’s flawed and money driven.

This vaccine has stressed me out. On one hand I feel I should get it because of work/travel requirements. On the other hand it’s a battle with my inner self. None of this makes sense, so my intuition tells me not to do it. It breaks my heart, they will stop at nothing for full control over our life. They make a virus then create a vaccine for said virus, where is the logic? All of the diseases in the world are MADE, none of them are created naturally. Our bodies desfense mechanism is too strong and well programmed. My theory is, they create diseased cells that mimcik actual cells, our body recongnizes it as its’ own and doesn’t attack. That’s how our cells become diseased. What they’re doing is devilish. They are coming for our body, mind and soul without regard. They are changing the way we operate internally. At the same time, they are brainwashing us into believeing if we don’t get the vaccine we are a disgrace. So we are getting screwed both ways.

Instead of a vaccine, we should have a cure.

This is not fair and I want the truth to come out. We don’t know what’s in this vaccine or the longterm affects. We are lab rats. I pray that God reveals the truth, and my people take their power back in the most powerful way. We have it in us to stand up to the system. If this was 500 years ago, people would not go for this. They would overthrow the government and get their power back. We need to understand, those same people are our ancestors and they want us to fight.

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