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It’s awesome to have a passion. It’s cool to have talent. But when you don’t apply pressure, you’re missing out.

You must do more than post on social media. You have to use your feet to get what you want. No one ever became sucessful being on social media all day. And if they tell you that, they are lying. You must put in the work. Just because you post your opinion on social media doesn’t make you a philosopher. What work do you have, other than social media posts? What impact have you made? Do people in the industry know you?

We get so tied up in people looking at our stories that we think we’ve made it. Not understanding, that more work must be done before we can say that. Back in the day, before SM, society worked hard. You had to, otherwise NO ONE would take you seriously. Nowadays, all you have to do is move your thumbs and people see you. That’s great for already hardworking individuals but, for the wannabes it gives them too much power. SM could shut down tomorrow, then what would you have? Who would you know? I’m here to say NO ONE in the industry takes you seriously if you’re only hot on SM. For an exmpale I use to work in a salon. Everyone was good and had a SM following but no one had their own clientele. The clients belonged to the salon. Stylists were there for YEARS and didn’t have ONE CLIENT. But of course, they all thought they were the ish, because they were getting the salon’s clients, not realzing their position. They relied on the salon, instead of the salon relying on them. When days were slow they would all sit around. No one came in for them because THEY DIDN’T HAVE CLIENTS. My boss would have meetings begging them to bring in clients, but they were too lazy and lacked drive. They had SM but that was useless because they lacked motivation. Needless to say I unattached myself from that salon and started getting my own clients. Now I have many clients, and it’s all because I applied pressure to my situation.

You have to put in the work and not just on SM. If you have a product, posting it on SM is great, but taking it to different companies and shopping it around is better. Communicating with people in person, leaves a lasting impression. Also the energy you put out is the energy you receive. If you just stay on SM promoting yourself, you’ll get that energy back but, if you pound the pavement as well you’ll get even more. If you limit your craft to SM, you’re limiting yourself. SM could be shut down tomorrow, then what would you have?

There’s been times when what I wanted wasn’t on the internet. Whether it was jobs, apartments, information about something etc. I went out and spent days looking for it. I had to physically go to places to get what I wanted. Just relying on the internet isn’t good.

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