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In today’s time, God is barely talked about. We give more power to Satan. We live in a society that is Anti-God. It’s unfortunate because we need him.

I’m getting closer to the creator. I understand I can’t do it by myself and why would I want to when I have him. He’s been there since birth and has never left my side. I, on the other hand have. When I was my furthest away from him, I experienced a lot of disfunction. I was anxious, scared, angry and depressed. I smoked weed daily, drank, had sex and got caught up with the wrong people. The enemy led me astray. I was hopeless and looking for love/hope in all the wrong places. Until he took me out of the enemy’s hands and made me new. I’m forever grateful for his love.

I want others to experience him, if he can save me I know he can save you. He’s waiting on you to call him and express your need. He wants a real relationship with us. Did you know your relationship with God can grow? Just like a relationship with a regular person. Man, does it feel good to have him in your life. Everyday, you know you’re on his team. He’s not going to let anything happen to you. You’ve accepted him and you are apart of the kingdom. You have the whole entire heaven backing you.

Today’s society is LOST. We are so far away from God, it’s almost no saving us. The school system has taught us lies. We are led to believe they’re over 26 genders when we know there’s only two. That’s anti-God. Then when you speak out against the brainwashing you become public enemy number 1. I can not deal. How are you suppose to live in a world, when there’s no morals? Morals keep us connected to God. We innately know what’s right & wrong but society says, forget what you know. How are we suppose to progress? What sleights me, is everyone thinks they’re smart. They will try to put their ignorance on you. They will try to force you to believe what’s morally corrupt. They don’t know how foolish they sound. Then, the same crap gets taught to our children.

Not to mention the roles of men and women. Their morals are WEAK and it’s by design. Women on social media posting half naked pictures and degrading themselves. How are we suppose to have strong families and be role models if we’re showing our asses, literally. The men aren’t better, killing each other and not having a sense of purpose, it disgusting. We must get to know God because he will give us our purpose. We are not raising a strong generation. Just a generation of LOSERS. Meanwhile CHINA is getting ready to overthrow America. Their children are way smarter and they have strong morals. They don’t promote a moralless society. But, that’s a different discussion for another blog.

What I’m saying is find God. Seek him. He will give you purpose. It’s a reason you are here. He has a blessing from heaven, to give to this world and it’s through you. There’s a small God inside all of us. All of us are connected to him, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Find the God inside of you, and connect it to the Holy Spirit. That’s the only way your spirit will be saved. It’s a war going on between the enemy and God. And the territory is you, don’t lose this battle.

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