God’s Love

God’s love is the best love. He loves strong but, gentle. He loves us at our worst and it’s unconditional. Even when we turn our back on him, he still shows up in the most mysterious ways.

I gave my life to God and it’s been an enlightening experience. I was blind but, now I see. I see what moves lead me to him, and what lead me away. I gave him my mind and heart. I asked to be used by him. I asked for renewal of my mind and spirit. I no longer feel depressed. I feel comfortable being myself. When I was in the enemies hands I always felt anxious. I lost touch with my feminine side, everything was hard and rugged. My body hurt each day, as the enemy lived inside of me. I was a mess. I hated everything about my life. Even though God was still leading me, I was conflicted because the enemy had my mind. But we defeated him. Thank you Jesus. I carried something important (like we all do). I had something that would free people and the enemy did not want me to release it. But, God set me free to release it.

In my walk, I’ve learned he is serious about his people. No weapon formed against us shall prosper. Your enemies will fall at your feet because of God’s power. He will speak life into you. Through you people will be healed. I’ve learned that once you enter his kingdom, you are on his team. Everything you do is for the kingdom. He uses your body as a vessle for his goodness. Praise God.

Being close to God has shown me the enemies ways. It’s a war going on between the enemy and God. Just like God is forming a kingdom, so is the enemy. Just like God will use you, so will the enemy. It’s important WE DO NOT LET HIM WIN. He will decieve us. He will lead us to go against ourself. We will ruin ourself following him. He’s manipulative. The enemy has humanity figured out. He knows how to make you tick, and LOSE YOUR MIND. He’s been doing it for thousands of years. You’re lightwork for him. Without God, the enemy has free reign over you. God is the only one that can defeat him. The enemy is afraid of God. All you have to do is give God you, and he will show you how to defeat him.

I now look at society on a higher level. I feel like I’m climbing a mountain. I’ve learned about the enemy, through God. I see how he’s tricked millions. “Our battle isn’t with flesh and blood but with evil spirits in high places” Ephesians 6:12. Everyone’s on drugs, that’s not normal. Evil spirits in high places wish to end us all. People are destroying themselves, jumping off roofs, slitting their wrist and overdosing, becase of that wicked spirit. He does not want us to release what God placed in us, so his foot is on our neck. He’s wicked. Nothing about the devil is cool. I see how, his ways are now made “cool” by society. Being on drugs, fighting/killing, degrading your body as a woman is now “cool”. Those are his ways. Don’t be fooled. Everything listed above will lead you to self-destruction. It is not of God.

God will find you at your worst and make you new. “His strength is made perfect in weakness” 2 Corinthians 12:9 . When the enemy is on you, that’s when God Iikes to use you. All you have to do is call his name. Don’t ignore the fact we have a powerful and almighty God in heaven. This isn’t to say you won’t be tested once you accept him. If anything the enemy will come at you more but, give God the glory and he will defeat him every time.

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