Who’s Raising Our Girls?

There’s an attack on girls. All you see on Instagram is half naked women. In music, all that’s talked about is sex. It’s seldom to see women fully clothed. R&B music has been replaced with “thot” pop and ratchet rap.

There are many types of women. Bougie chicks, boss babes, wild/free spirits, laid back chicks, emo/nerdy girls, and tons more. But, all you see in media are thots. It’s like, if you don’t have a$$, you don’t matter. Society reduces women to bodies to please men. Our worth is tied to our degragation. The less clothes you have on the more popular you become. All you see is ass. I’ve grown weary. If I see another butt cheek, I’m going to throw something. It’s uncommon to see clothed and sophisticated women. Where are the classy chicks?

Have they disappeared? Did a spaceship come and take them to a new planet? Or did they transform into a lower version of themselves due to their surroundings? It’s important to know yourself. Once you know yourself, no one can’t tell you who you are. We are role models to young women. They look up to us. Young girls don’t know who they are yet and look to us for clues. We are the first examples. They will follow our footsteps. It’s less about us and more about the next age group. Whatever we do, the next generation is going to build on it. I remember it was a “twerking trend”, everyone on social media was twerking. This was in 2012. IG had just started, my young 9th grade self made a video of me twerking. It’s very cringe to think about now but, the reason I did it was because it seemed cool. I saw women who were older than me twerking, and it pulled me in. Fast foward to 2018, everyone started doing the “cucumber challenge. Ew. It was embarrassing to say the least, and it set us back as women. I say all of this to say, it started with twerking now we’re giving up more of ourselves. Now women are on Onlyfans, sharing their most sacred parts with people they don’t know. We are not sex objects and we have a brain. We are worth more than our bodies. Our worth is not determined by what we can do for men, but what we can do for ourselves.

Don’t let society use you. Be a lady. Ladies always win. They don’t have to do anything and always score a high value man. They live a good life because they have strong values. It’s important to have morals you live by. Their morals are unchanged by societies. You do not have to be naked to fit in. How about you stay clothed and stand out.

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