Self Love Recap

2019 and 2020 were based around self love. More people went to therapy and talked about mental health. It was an epidemic during the pandemic. A lot of people became vegan and lived more spiritual lifestyles. We ate better foods and reprogramed our minds to think better thoughts.

Now at brink of 2022, I realize that self love is a stepping stone for what’s next to come. You can’t manifest, be blessed etc., if you do not love yourself the right way. Loving yourself is more than what socia media says it is. Loving yourself is saying “no” to anything that opposes you. It’s saying “hell no” to relationships that stunt your growth. It’s loving yourself so much that you condemn anything that’s not aligning with your spirit.

It can be hard to know when you’re not loving yourself. This world does not support self love. It gives, “you think you’re better” if you decide to value yourself (toxic af). Self Love is more than meditating, affirmations, crystals, and all of the fluff we believe. Real self love is walking away from a jobs/oppoutunities that run you dry. It’s standing up and choosing yourself first and always.

I realize YOU CAN BE WHOEVER YOU WANT TO BE, this has been the biggest lesson so far. Valuing what you wish to be, is self love (in it’s greatest form). It doesn’t matter what you want to be. If you want to move Alaska and become an Eskimo you can. If you want to live OTG, and become one with nature, you can. Even if you want to be a high fashion model, and take pictures in fabulous clothes all day, guess what? You can! YOU CAN BE WHO EVER YOU WANT TO BE. Anything that’s in your will, you can be.

There’s a difference between being and doing. Being is more important than doing. We are human beings, not human doers. We’ve spent so much time doing, that we forget to just be. I have made it my priority to just be. I want to be the woman that doesn’t stress about much; I want to be a calm woman. That’s who I want to be, so that’s who I am.

Knowing you can be whoever you want, comes before knowing yourself. Everyone’s always saying, “you have to know who you are”. But how can you know yourself, if you don’t understand who it is you wish to be? You have to find who it is you want to be first, that changes the tone of your life.

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