Was What Whoopi Goldberg Said On the View Right or Wrong??

Recently Whoopi Goldberg made a strong statement regarding race, it was eye opening. On The View, she talked about how the holocaust had nothing to do with race. She said, it was a white group killing another white group. If it was about race, that wouldn’t have happened. Hitler was a jew. It was an attack on humanity more than anything, and they used “race” as a cover. I felt this intensely. The powers that be uses race as a vessle for hate. In reality race doesn’t matter, they want us to hate eachother and they use race because that’s the only way they can accomplish their mission.

Race is a terminal used for hate. It would be hard to explain why they want to create a toxic environment for us to live in. It would demolish their system, if we knew the truth. Truth is: they could care less about your color and more about the energy inside of you. Your flesh is nothing, it’s the spirit they want to control. Your spirit matters more because it controls your flesh. They want us to go against each other so they appeal through our emotions about our race. It’s a proven way to govern a society. Black on black crime is real, if it was a “race” issue blacks wouldn’t be a threat to each other more than any other race.

It’s a energy thing. Once you realize this, stuff starts making more sense. They want a toxic, hateful society. The people in charge use race to protect their agenda. It was never about the way you look, it’s about making you feel bad. Hate is moved through people, and race is the the platform. Hate is the enemy, always have been and always will. We must get to a place where we know this, so we can stop feeling hurt over the same things. God is maturing a lot of people. He’s saying “In order to follow me , you can’t get caught up in the schemes”. Like Lady Ga Ga said, “Evil is smart”, if it can attack you it will. It’s been attacking this world for centuries, don’t get caught up in it.


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