Inner & Outer Worlds

I realize there are two worlds. Your inner and outer worlds. One influences the other. If your inner world is chaotic , your outer world becomes hell. You do things that go against yourself when one of your worlds is out of alignment.

My inner world became invaded. Being harshly scrutinized by people close to me, clouded my inner world. My inner world started to go against me. What does that look like, inner world going against itself? Depression & anxiety.

Your inner world is what you see & how you feel in everyday life. If you’re nervous, uneasy and scared your inner world is not in a safe place. You must keep your spirit (inner world) clean and safe, so it’s in peace.

I realized my inner world was traumatized and it made me shrink. I’m created a safe place within myself so I can finally have peace. Negative thoughts and feelings are void in my safe place. The soul needs it.

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