Stay Grounded to Flourish

The vibe of the world has changed recently. I don’t know if you’re aware, the cosmic energy is flowing rampant. It has allowed Earth to be purified, releasing what caused dysfunction. We are in a time where we are forced to ascend.

The last 4 years has been all about self care and healing. The people that got it, got it. Those who wanted more consciousness were taught valuable tools to help with ascension. We repeated affirmations, did yoga and meditated to seek a higher source. That was all for God’s purpose. He will bless this Earth with something incredible, that will change the trajectory of this land forever. We (soulseekers) have to lay the foundation for his will to be completed.

That’s my perspective. We are laying the foundation for the next generation. Two hundred years from now things will look completely different. People won’t suffer like now, they will have a higher consciousness that impacts their life thus, making this world a better place. There’s a lot riding on us right now.

You must stay grounded to fulfill the mission. Grounding is the pillar to wholeness. Once you’re grounded you’re steady, making it harder for the enemy to get to you. You have a base that recharges you; it connects you to the source. Grounding and centering are used in meditation for focus. Once you’re focused you’re able to accomplish so much more. You have CONNECTION.

There’s so much unsteadinesses out here. Oh my goodness I see it everyday, it’s bad. That’s an indicator that people aren’t connected to the source. Grounding solidifies you in a positive realm. Once you’re connected to God through grounding, fear disappears & so does ego.

A lot is happening and will happen. God is on the move! Like never before, lean in. Staying centered and grounded will make it so you’re not in his way. A lot of purging and dismantlement is going on. Establishments and organizations that harm black people are being destroyed by God. Even the things that are normalized, but is demonic he’s destroying. **this is kind of off topic, but a lot of things that use give man that “kick” like talking about people, complaining, being sarcastic (which is camouflaged anger), and just overall negativity he’s destroying. He’s destroying it from the inside, in such a sophisticated way, when you see it you’re not going to be able to deny him.

Stay grounded through it all. It’s the only way to make it through what’s taking place. These devils will try to trip you up. The enemy is putting in over time because he see God going hard. Outsmart him and connect to your source through grounding.

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