The Programming pt 1

Hello blog. I have been hit with a theory recently. We are all programmed. We’re programmed to feel certain ways. Our mind has been trained to care about worldly issues. I developed the concept, you have to stay nonchalant through life to not get caught up.

Naturally many people are nonchalant. The world beats us into submission to care about a lot of things we otherwise would not. Worry and fear steals peace. As children we entered this planet not caring about the outside world. We didn’t care about money, power, mental health etc. It’s not until the programming started, that we were made to care. The moment you started straying away from aloofness, you entered a world a chaos and FEAR.

Being unconcerned about how others view you, protects your soul. Keeping a nonchalant composure ensures tranquility. Many people care about what others think. A part of them feels that others feelings’ are valid, when in reality it’s not.

Once I grasped the idea that I didn’t care about what this world thought of me, I began to live fearlessly, like I did as a child. I remember as a child, I didn’t care about anything that was outside of me. People always said “I was in my own world”. I’m delighted to hear that now. I went from being in my own world to being in this one, and it cost me peace. The cure is to get back the mind we had as children.

As children we had great discernment. We could easily tell what was aligned and what wasn’t. We’re programmed to have faulty values. Our values get tarnished here, from seeing family do foul things to being treated badly just because that’s the way it’s always been. We come here and do a complete spiritual 180, we get turned into a product of society.

I’m so happy God blessed me with this word to share with anyone who’s reading. Be a child, he still sees you as a child.

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