Happiness is Essential to Health and Beauty

Healthy living includes being happy. Beauty comes from the inside. The way you feel on the inside shows. It’s important to stay beautiful on the inside so it can be revealed.

Most people think it’s genetic, but beauty isn’t an inherited trait. Beauty is about showing vulnerablitly. If you’re unable to let go of life’s mishaps it will show in the way you look. Beauty is also shown through the way you carry yourself, your energy. Energy can be felt, it’s like WiFi. That’s why one person can mess up the vibe in a room and the latter, they can also start the vibe in a room. It’s all internal and it comes from being unattacted to the laws of the system. Being unbothered and doing your own thing creates beauty. Follow me. The more you are stuck in the system, the uglier you become. It’s not that you have acne, it’s your friend circle.

When you are stuck in the system, you live in a program. Anything outside the program you don’t see. They program us to only see their idea of beauty. They’ve programmed black women to hate their hair and to not see it as beautiful, when in reality health is beauty. Anyhing not healthy is not beautiful. Your body, if it’s overweight, that should be a problem in your eyes. Being overweight is a big sign of laziness.

In the system, the only happiness we have is their idea, and it makes us ugly overtime. Their idea of happiness can never sustain you, and will result in stress. When you are constanly under stress, not only will your body suffer but so will your face. Your face muslces will get stuck in an unplesant way. Your skin texture will change and you will lose muscles. Stress can weaken your whole system.

It’s unfair your beauty has to suffer due to things out of your control. But that’s why if you stumbled across this blog you’re in luck. You can fix your appeareance through being authenically happy and showing it. I believe eveyone should look and feel their best.

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