Being Unauthentic

We live in a world where you can’t be yourself, you have to shrink to fit in. It’s like you can’t show up as you, some people don’t even know that they are not being themselves. The devil has tricked many into wanting to fit in. It’s not until you seek the truth you will be free. 

I recently discovered that your “inner man” (soul, subconscious etc.) deals with having to conform everyday. We do it all the time, when you’re at the grocery store, bank or doctors office, we talk in this unauthentic, weird way, it’s annoyingly creepy. Our subconscious has an involuntary need to be like everyone and to be LIKED by everyone. Since the beginning of our life, we have been fitting in, some people don’t even know it. It’s not like the regular stuff, it’s deeper. It’s feeling like you can’t be your true self, around your friends, family and work environment. They expect you to be a certain way so they can put you in a box. But when you don’t fit in a box, they ridicule you to make you conform. As black a woman, I feel I don’t fit in with other black people. I don’t say the word “nigga”, I don’t listen to rap music, I don’t support BLM, I don’t eat unhealthy foods (crab boils, ew) and I’m not trying to be a hot girl.I’m just Cristen. I hate evil, and I know evil when I see it. Evil is subliminal and I always call it out, in return I’m ostracized. My inner man is threatened to conform. 

You have to have an encounter with God in order to wake up so you are free of trying to fit in. A lot has been going on in the media. Global celebrities are standing up to evil, not caring about fitting in or being canceled. Thankfully they know their reward isn’t in the world but is with God so it strengthens them to fight the spiritual battle. An enemy of the world is a friend to God and vice versa. We live to serve God and to be authentic, that’s the only point of life. The enemy is the ruler of the world so many are led astray from God and end up being a version of themselves God didn’t create. The enemy makes idols for people to worship. For example Cardi B and Migos are idols for hot girls and gangstas to look up to. The devil promotes them even though their music is a curse. The enemy wants people to have no morals. He promotes bad influences because that’s his job (and he’s always on his job). 

Being authentic is having a relationship with God, the one that created you. He’s not only Lord and Savior over your life but he also is a teacher. What ever you need God to teach you he’s always there. I use to pray for money until a voice spoke and said pray for God to teach you how to handle money. I realized it wasn’t that I didn’t have enough money, I wasn’t spending it right. He then taught me to always make sure my essentials are taken care of FIRST and to never buy unessential items unless I can’t afford to pay for it 10 times. That alone is a lesson, that I’ll keep forever in life. These are things you can receive from God, (wisdom) once you’re on HIS side. There’s been other lessons I will discuss in later blogs. 

Be yourself, ask God to reveal who you are, it will not happen over night but each day he will reveal it little by little. You have to know who you are because if you don’t, this world will tell you. It’s important to seek God and to be authentic so you are free. 

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