Hoes vs. Good Girls

There’s an attack on good girls. All you see on Instagram is half naked women. In music, all that’s talked about is sex. It’s seldom to see women fully clothed. And R&B music has been replaced with “thot” pop and ratchet rap.

There are many types of women. Bougie chicks, boss babes, wild/free spirits, laid back chicks, emo/nerdy girls, and tons more. But, all you see in media are thots. It’s like, if you don’t have a$$, you don’t matter. Society reduces women to bodies to please men. Our worth is tied to our degragation. The less clothes you have on the more popular you become. All you see is ass. I’ve grown wearied. If I see another butt cheek, I’m going to throw something. It’s uncommon to see clothed and sophisticated women. Where are the classy chicks?

Have they disappeared? Did a spaceship come and take them to a new planet? Or did they transform into a lower version of themselves due to their surroundings? It’s important to know yourself. Once you know yourself, no one can’t tell you who you are. We are role models to young women. They look up to us. Young girls don’t know who they are yet and look to us for clues. We are the first examples. They will follow our footsteps. It’s less about us and more about the next age group. Whatever we do, the next generation is going to build on it. I remember it was a “twerking trend”, everyone on social media was twerking. This was in 2012. IG had just started, my young 9th grade self made a video of me popping my little butt. I laugh now but, the reason I did it was because it seemed cool. I saw women who were older than me twerking, and it pulled me in. Fast foward to 2018, everyone started doing the “cucumber challenge”, trying to prove their skills. Ew. It was embarrassing to say the least, and set us back as women. I say all of this to say, it started with twerking now we’re giving up more of ourselves. Now women are on Onlyfans, sharing their most sacred parts with people they don’t know. We are not sex objects and we have a brain. We are worth more than our bodies. Our worth is not determined by what we can do for men, but what we can do for ourself.

Don’t let society use you. Be a lady. Ladies always win. They don’t have to do anything and always score a high value man. They live a good life because they have strong values. It’s important to have morals you live by. Their morals are unchanged by society. You do not have to be naked to fit in. How about you stay clothed and stand out.

God’s Love

God’s love is the best love. He loves strong but, gentle. He loves us at our worst and it’s unconditional. Even when we turn our back on him, he still shows up in the most mysterious ways.

I gave my life to God and it’s been an enlightening experience. I was blind but, now I see. I see what moves lead me to him, and what lead me away. I gave him my mind and heart. I asked to be used by him. I asked for renewal of my mind and spirit. I no longer feel depressed. I feel comfortable being myself. When I was in the enemies hands I always felt anxious. I lost touch with my feminine side, everything was hard and rugged. My body hurt each day, as the enemy lived inside of me. I was a mess. I hated everything about my life. Even though God was still leading me to the promised land, I was conflicted because the enemy had my mind. God fought him hard. Each day was a battle but, God defeated him. Thank you Jesus. I carried something important (like we all do). I had something that would free people and the enemy did not want me to release it. But, God set me free.

In my walk, I’ve learned he is serious about his people. No weapon formed against us shall prosper. Your enemies will fall at your feet because of God’s power. He will speak in you and through you. I’ve learned that once you enter his kingdom, you are on his team. Everything you do is for the kingdom. He uses your body as a vessle for his goodness. Praise God.

Being close to God has shown me the enemies ways. It’s a war going on between the enemy and God. Just like God is forming a kingdom, so is the enemy. Just like God will use you, so will the enemy. It’s important WE DO NOT LET HIM WIN. He will decieve us. He will lead us to go against ourself. We will ruin ourself following him. He’s manipulative. The enemy has humanity figured out. He knows how to make you tick, and LOSE YOUR MIND. He’s been doing it for thousands of years. You’re lightwork for him. Without God, the enemy has free reign over you. God is the only one that can defeat him. The enemy is afraid of God. All you have to do is give God you, and he will show you how to defeat him.

I now look at society on a higher level. I feel like I’m climbing a mountain. I’ve learned about the enemy, through God. I see how he’s tricked millions. “Our battle isn’t with flesh and blood but with evil spirits in high places” Ephesians 6:12. Everyone’s on drugs, that’s not normal. Evil spirits in high places wish to end us all. People are destroying themselves, jumping off roofs, slitting their wrist and overdosing, that’s the enemies plan. He does not want us to release what God placed in us, so his foot is on our neck. He’s wicked. Nothing about the devil is cool. I see how, his ways are now made “cool” by society. Being on drugs, fighting/killing, degrading your body as a woman is now “cool”. Those are his ways. Don’t be fooled. Everything listed above will lead you to self-destruction. It is not of God.

God will find you at your worst and make you new. “His strength is made perfect in weakness” 2 Corinthians 12:9 . When the enemy is on you, that’s when God Iikes to show off. All you have to do is call his name. Don’t ignore the fact we have a powerful and almighty God in heaven. This isn’t to say you won’t be tested once you accept him. If anything the enemy will come at you more but, give God the glory and he will defeat him every time.

Seek God

In today’s time, God is barely talked about. We give more power to Satan. We live in a society that is Anti-God. It’s unfortunate because we need him.

I’m getting closer to the creator. I understand I can’t do it by myself and why would I want to when I have him. He’s been there since birth and has never left my side. I, on the other hand have. When I was my furthest away from him, I experienced a lot of disfunction. I was anxious, scared, angry and depressed. I smoked weed daily, drank, had sex and got caught up with the wrong people. The enemy led me astray. I was hopeless and looking for love/hope in all the wrong places. Until he took me out of the enemy’s hands and made me new. I’m forever grateful for his love.

I want others to experience him, if he can save me I know he can save you. He’s waiting on you to call him and express your need. He wants a real relationship with us. Did you know your relationship with God can grow? Just like a relationship with a regular person. Man, does it feel good to have him in your life. Everyday, you know you’re on his team. He’s not going to let anything happen to you. You’ve accepted him and you are apart of the kingdom. You have the whole entire heaven backing you.

Today’s society is LOST. We are so far away from God, it’s almost no saving us. The school system has taught us lies. We are led to believe they’re over 26 genders when we know there’s only two. That’s anti-God. Then when you speak out against the brainwashing you become public enemy number 1. I can not deal. How are you suppose to live in a world, when there’s no morals? Morals keep us connected to God. We innately know what’s right & wrong but society says, forget what you know. How are we suppose to progress? What sleights me, is everyone thinks they’re smart. They will try to put their ignorance on you. They will try to force you to believe what’s morally corrupt. They don’t know how foolish they sound. Then, the same crap gets taught to our children.

Not to mention the roles of men and women. Their morals are WEAK and it’s by design. Women on social media posting half naked pictures and degrading themselves. How are we suppose to have strong families and be role models if we’re showing our asses, literally. The men aren’t better, killing each other and not having a sense of purpose, it disgusting. We must get to know God because he will give us our purpose. We are not raising a strong generation. Just a generation of LOSERS. Meanwhile CHINA is getting ready to overthrow America. Their children are way smarter and they have strong morals. They don’t promote a moralless society. But, that’s a different discussion for another blog.

What I’m saying is find God. Seek him. He will give you purpose. It’s a reason you are here. He has a blessing from heaven, to give to this world and it’s through you. There’s a small God inside all of us. All of us are connected to him, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Find the God inside of you, and connect it to the Holy Spirit. That’s the only way your spirit will be saved. It’s a war going on between the enemy and God. And the territory is you, don’t lose this battle.

Build Your Craft

It’s awesome to have a passion. It’s cool to have talent. But when you don’t apply pressure, you’re missing out.

You must do more than post on social media. You have to use your feet to get what you want. No one ever became sucessful being on social media all day. And if they tell you that, they are lying. You must put in the work. Just because you post your opinion on social media doesn’t make you a philosopher. What work do you have, other than social media posts? What impact have you made? Do people in the industry know you?

We get so tied up in people looking at our stories that we think we’ve made it. Not understanding, that more work must be done before we can say that. Back in the day, before SM, society worked hard. You had to, otherwise NO ONE would take you seriously. Nowadays, all you have to do is move your thumbs and people see you. That’s great for already hardworking individuals but, for the wannabes it gives them too much power. SM could shut down tomorrow, then what would you have? Who would you know? I’m here to say NO ONE in the industry takes you seriously if you’re only hot on SM. For an exmpale I use to work in a salon. Everyone was good and had a SM following but no one had their own clientele. The clients belonged to the salon. Stylists were there for YEARS and didn’t have ONE CLIENT. But of course, they all thought they were the ish, because they were getting the salon’s clients, not realzing their position. They relied on the salon, instead of the salon relying on them. When days were slow they would all sit around. No one came in for them because THEY DIDN’T HAVE CLIENTS. My boss would have meetings begging them to bring in clients, but they were too lazy and lacked drive. They had SM but that was useless because they lacked motivation. Needless to say I unattached myself from that salon and started getting my own clients. Now I have many clients, and I’m wondering if I should stop accepting new clients.

You have to put in the work and not just on SM. If you have a product, posting it on SM is great, but taking it to different companies and shopping it around is better. Communicating with people in person, leaves a lasting impression. Also the energy you put out is the energy you receive. If you just stay on SM promoting yourself, you’ll get that energy back but, if you pound the pavement as well you’ll get even more. If you limit your craft to SM, you’re limiting yourself. SM could be shut down tomorrow, then what would you have?

There’s been times when what I wanted wasn’t on the internet. Whether that was jobs, apartments, information about something etc. I went out and spent days looking for it. I had to physically go to places to get what I wanted. Just relying on the internet isn’t good.

No Vaccine Please

I am battling whether I should get the COVID vaccine or not. I do not want to get the vaccine. The thought of something foreign, that was created in a lab entering my bloodstream scares the B’JESUS out of me. I don’t trust it. I’ve had “COVID”, my body persevered (like bodies do) and I’m fine. Why must we get the vaccine? Our bodies can function fine without it. I don’t like idea of interuppting what my body does naturally to appease society. The human body has been evolving for centuries and is smart as F, we don’t give it enough credit. We are the purest form of nature. We make electricity. We are a powerful spiecies that does not need outside chemicals.

We are nature, so why is it we depend on non-natural approaches in life? We take medicine and get vaccianated, interrupting what naturally occurs in the body. We go to therapy which has it benefits, but it’s a non natural approach to live. Why pay someone to hear your problems, and offer THEIR advice? They don’t know you, only you know YOU. Personally, I never been to therapy, but I can tell a therapist everything about me. No therapist can tell me about me. Therapy can be a gateway to spritual liberation but, it’s flawed and money driven.

This vaccine has stressed me out. On one hand I feel I should get it because of work/travel requirements. On the other hand it’s a battle with my inner self. None of this makes sense, so my intuition tells me not to do it. It breaks my heart, they will stop at nothing for full control over our life. They make a virus then create a vaccine for said virus, where is the logic? All of the diseases in the world are MADE, none of them are created naturally. Our bodies desfense mechanism is too strong and well programmed. My theory is, they create diseased cells that mimcik actual cells, our body recongnizes it as its’ own and doesn’t attack. That’s how our cells become diseased. What they’re doing is devilish. They are coming for our body, mind and soul without regard. They are changing the way we operate internally. At the same time, they are brainwashing us into believeing if we don’t get the vaccine we are a disgrace. So we are getting screwed both ways.

Instead of a vaccine, we should have a cure.

This is not fair and I want the truth to come out. We don’t know what’s in this vaccine or the longterm affects. We are lab rats. I pray that God reveals the truth, and my people take their power back in the most powerful way. We have it in us to stand up to the system. If this was 500 years ago, people would not go for this. They would overthrow the government and get their power back. We need to understand, those same people are our ancestors and they want us to fight.

5 Reasons Why Physical Punsihment is Abuse.

Growing up, I didn’t know beatings, whoopings and spankings were all forms of abuse. I would get a “beating” and act as if nothing happened the next time I saw parents. I was numb. I noticed the beatings increased my temper, making me lash out at my siblings more violently. I also grew over emotional because I was being punished with pain, when I needed understanding. It left a layer of confusion and doubt in me. Here I was 10/11 years old, being spanked but, not corrected. Most of the time when parents spank their kids, it doesn’t do anything. Personally, I feel adults DO get a rush out of beating their kids. It’s almost the same rush slave owners got after whooping one of their slaves. It’s not right, and here are 5 reasons:

  1. Beating your child doesn’t fix the problem. One of the most important reason why physical punishment should be banned is because it’s ineffective. What’s the point of physical punishment when the issue is still there? Put the belt down and talk (communicate) to your child.
  2. The child doesn’t understand, you just look like a bully. Let’s be honest, the beating does more for the parent than the kid. Some (crazy) parents want to hold power over their kids, so they know who’s in charge. The little man (ego) gets the best of them and they will go to extremes to prove their power. This highlihghts the toxic nature that is in some adults. Taking your anger out on someone smaller than you is dishonorable, go get some help.
  3. It causes psychological pain. Not only does it cause physical pain but also pshycological. Physical punishment has been linked to anger issues, poor social skills and nerve damage.
  4. It creates sad and hurt adults. You know the saying “the children are our future”. We should protect them and keep them safe, not beat them every chance we get. They are powerless and it’s up to us to make sure they make it to adulthood happy and whole.
  5. Think back to how you use to feel. No one EVER liked getting beat. It was humillitating and stressful. It’s almost like your spirit was being stripped from you. It caused unnecessary conflict and tourmented most childhoods.

I would like to think we reached a place in society where we can agree that physical punishment is barbaric. There are some things we must change if we want to stop generational curses. Everytime you grab a belt to discipline your child, you are completing a ritual meant to keep negative enegy in your family. Healing starts with childhood trauma and part of that trauma, are those hateful whoopings.


Time has passed since I last updated. I’m growing. I’m getting to the root of who I am & what it is I desire. I learned you cannot learn lessons if you are always on go. You have to pause. Stillness enhances clarity. Growth comes over time. Clear direction is a crucial step in self-discovery.

My life lessons have been at an all-time high. By taking a pause, I was given a new pair of eyes. Pausing is taking a mental break and letting go, surrendering to the universe. I was working, hustling making money. I wasn’t happy, and I was just “getting by”. So, I started to work harder, and “push myself”. My spirit resented me, and I was depressed. It wasn’t until my job let me go, I got the message. Life is about working hard, but if you don’t know in which direction, you’ll always be lost. I said numerous times, “I don’t like working”, “I don’t want a boss, I am a boss”, “this isn’t for me” but I continue to seek employment because I was programmed to believe it was the only way. Job after job, I still was unhappy. I was unclear of what I wanted. It wasn’t until I took a PAUSE, I was able to see my life.

I lived life in a “get by” state. Since childhood, I was in survival mode. Just doing any and everything to keep from going down. As I became older, I became wiser. I’m innately spiritual but, the humdrum of human life makes it hard to reach your best self. That’s why you must sit in silence, and pause in order to hear guidance from your inner self. Your inner self has been here before, she or he is familiar with this world. You’re back because you have more lessons to learn. If you’re constantly in work mode, it’s hard for your higher self to communicate. When you’re doing without direction, you’re not fulfilling your purpose to God. When you’re humanly living day to day life, you’re not being of use to the universe. You’re caught up in the matrix and social media and not consciously at a level to hear your higher self.

Pausing is surrendering. A lot of lessons will come once you pause. Make it a habit to take mental breaks. You don’t always have to be on go, like we’re trained. It’s actually counterproductive that way. 

Staying Fresh

Being a woman, you gain an understanding of what you didn’t know as a girl. Over the years I learned, vaginal odor comes from one source. It’s not hormones or what you eat, even though those factors can contribute. It’s much simpler, it comes from your butt.

I’ve personally dealt with yeast infections & BV (bacterial vaginosis ). I could not detect where it came from. I knew me being sexually active and menstruating every month, could have been the source. I stopped wearing tampons and switched solely to pads. It helped, but I still ran into problems. It made me less confident and embarrassed. I would have to use tablets & rePhresh strips. However, after the medicine ran out, it would return. I became miserable and it messed with my everyday life. It was bad. I no longer wanted to have sex and, all of my efforts seemed not to work.

One day as I was showering, I came up with the idea to focus more on my backside than any other part of my body. I used HOT, steaming water & DOVE soap. You must use Dove because, it’s the real deal. I scrubbed & scrubbed. I then followed up with Dove shower foam, which has a very pleasant smell. I literally turned around and bent over in the shower, exposing my buttocks. The hot water dissolved all bacteria. Once my shower was over, I felt so clean. I smelled completely like soap. I noticed how my vagina reaped the benefits, as it no longer had issues. It smelt like nothing, which indicated a healthy, clean vag.

As the days went on I continued to wash my behind with passion. I focused all of my attention on getting it clean. I didn’t have to buy feminine odor products anymore. I naturally smelled like roses. It boosted my confidence for sure. I noticed how I didn’t have to take two showers a day, one shower was sufficient. My vagina was happy. And to think something so simple fixed my whole issue. I now don’t play when I comes to my behind. I understand that it is close to my vagina, so if one isn’t clean the other won’t be clean. I also use Sea Breeze after my showers, it burns but I think of it as burning the bacteria away. Also keep it dry, moisture attracts bacteria.

With the rise of feminine products, each targeting the same problem, I feel it’s important to know to keep it simple. Buying a ton of products won’t do anything if you’re not cleaning your backside properly. The answer to vaginal odor has always been close to us. Our anatomy is easy, you don’t need a bunch of chemicals down there, just clean your butt.

Being Bold

2021! It’s a new year and class is in session. There comes a time when we must stop hiding who we are and live bold. For as long I can remember, I’ve been hiding. My upbringing and the belief that people would not like me, stopped me from speaking up for myself. In the past, speaking up, got me ridiculed. So, I started to live emotionless and hide my true desires. I would let people take advantage and put their nasty energy on me. Doing that, led me to depression and SEVERE ANXIETY. I had to protect myself, even if that meant being fake.

Even though I had an unwavering air of confidence over my life, I still tried to please people. I wanted everyone to like me. I thought by putting my feelings on the back burner, I made it easier for myself. I hid behind, laughs and smiles. I made it my obligation not to ruffle feathers in my relationships. I wanted everyone to be happy and not look at me as the bad person. I never learned how to stand up for myself in a way that didn’t come off as aggression. From childhood, I learned that I could be labeled the bad person.

Society is like a popular group in high school. Everyone wants to fit in. If you’re not on the inside then you’re on the outside, being laughed at and mocked. Society will even degrade you if you don’t meet its standards. I was unique and had different views but, I didn’t know how to express it in appealing way. As a child, with no limitations, I expressed myself vividly. People took my shrewdness for arrogance so, I played ditsy to fit into society. I learned through force that speaking your mind was wrong. That followed me into my teenage and young adult years. But now, at 24 years old I realize: YOU HAVE TO SPEAK YOUR MIND. Being bold keeps you from being walked all over.

Boldness is the spice of life. You have to be bold and set boundaries. Setting clear boundaries will cut the chances of mistreatment. Without boundaries, it gives people free rein to attack your character. When dogs don’t have clear boundaries they run amuck, same goes for humans. Boundaries are essential in all relationships. You should not feel guilty by making RESPECT a boundary. You are in control of your life. You have to defend yourself against all invaders wanting to steal your peace.

I learned the main ingredient of success is finding your voice. Confidence is key. When you are able to stand up for yourself and not tolerate disrespect, you elevate. Being too nice and playing it cool will only allow others to manipulate you. You have to teach people how to treat you. Since 2021 this has been my biggest lesson: to build inner strength. Nobody can fuck with you when you’re internally strong. Internal strength comes from knowing who you are and what you want. Not tolerating disrespect and letting people know when they’ve crossed the line.

Money Driven World

Why is everything money driven? We sacrifice our time on this planet for a few dollars. You may get lucky and actually like working a 9-5 but, you still aren’t free. You still have to sacrifice your soul, body and time.

I do not know where this concept originated. Go to school for 12 years, go to college for 4, get a career, and work the rest of your life until you’re 65. It sounds like a watered down version of slavery. We are still in some way enslaved, that’s how they keep control. Money is controlling us. Money makes us get out of bed when we want to sleep in. Money makes us stay at work all day instead of spending time with our children. Money is evil because it’s makes us go against our soul, for its “security”. Our life’s decisions are based around money.

How can we end the cycle and start being free? It starts with knowing who we are and what we want. We are all destined and designed for a purpose. If we get it in our heads to chase purpose and not money we will soon see money as a by-product. Living below your means also liberates you. When you do not have the burden of having to make money, it enables you to live the life you want. Think about it, living in a world where everyone’s chasing their souls purpose. Where we are able to use our gifts and not be forced to make money. We would finally know peace. I understand why we go to work, because we have to make living. But don’t miss out on actually living. Do not consume yourself with making money because you will fall further in the rat race cycle. Also soon, robots will take over most jobs. That’s going to immediately force us to dig inward and find our gifts. Some may evolve and actually live their purpose and others, will fail because they were never taught. I will discuss AI and how it will take over the planet in a later blog. We must start working our gifts now because, that’s one thing AI does not have.

I want us all to awaken our higher self. Deep in our hearts lies our true self, the person we are to become. Jobs drastically reduce our chances of ever knowing our higher self. We get thrown into a rat race cycle that we never agreed to. It’s so unfair. We come into this world following what has been set up for decades. Our parents, parent parents all had to endure a life of working so we follow them. We work, and tell our kids to work, keeping the cycle going . The wealthy are the only group to have leverage, because someone stopped the rat race cycle a long time ago. They created something that would last for life times. Black people endured slavery and segregation which put us decades behind. But, I’m not using that as an excuse. As Blacks, we are now in a position to do better for our community and families. The longer we make excuses for ourselves, the longer it will take for us to accumalate wealth and exit the rat race. It starts with changing the way we think.

Money, if used right has benefits but it limits your freedom and mind. Also money should not be the goal in life, spritual liberation should. Once you are stuck in the matrix, you become a consumer, enslaved by your material possessions. You become consumed with money and make decisions to harm the world. Reading the book, The soul of money by Lynne Twist changed my perspective on money. In the book, she talks about a visit to the Amazon jungle. Native people in the jungle had never heard of money. They became intrigued by its mysteriousness and, why we Americans wanted it so badly. They didn’t understand it’s use. In their eyes, they could not hunt for it or eat it so, they did not understand why they needed it. She also discussed that she no longer labeled people poor or rich. She’s traveled all over the world. She has seen how a person’s circumstance does not determine their identity. We place labels on each other based on our circumstance. She also talked about going to Ethiopia after the famine. She was in a group of women who had to all buried their children because they didn’t have food or water. The ladies in Ethiopia opened up about how each child died in a 5-day ritual. Their circumstances may have been poor, but to label them poor did not give them enough credit. Inside they were rich. They knew how to hunt, and connected to their land. They knew when it would rain and how to build shelter. They knew themselves. Inside, they were rich. She then talked about meeting wives of billionaires. They had more than enough money, making their circumstances rich. But inside, they did not know who they were and had a poor mentality.

Money does not make you a better person, it just makes you able to buy better things. Society has given money so much power, and has made it everything we base our life around. Society has taught us that money is the main goal and we should chase it if we want a good life. We must redefine what money means so, it won’t have control over us.

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