It’s Up To You

It’s a new year, time to develop new ideas. Start new things. You can have any and everything you want in life but you have to go after it, full speed.

I believe you determine your future by your mindset. If you live a passive life, then you won’t accomplish much. You’ll be swept away by every distraction, never living life to it’s full potential. You have to be active. Many people go after what they want, but what they want is so insignificant and mundane. It’s fleshy, and built on a survival mindset. People get bored and settle. Settling steals your creative energy, you become lifeless. Don’t think you have to do what you see everyone else do. Don’t be afraid to dream big. We are all created to do great exploits and leave this world brighter.

Get this, the same way you achieved other dreams and goals is the same way you go after extraordinary goals. It’s the same tactic, you have to use the same energy. For example, say you went to nursing school and through hard work and dedication you got your nursing degree. Now you work in a hospital. Don’t stop there. You can use the same tactic you used to finish nursing school to open your own practice, or whatever you want to do. The goal is to be free and happy.

Sometimes I feel we are afraid to live out our dreams. Maybe we are afraid because it may not last, we don’t want to have all eyes us or we don’t want to hurt others by living the life we deserve. Whatever it is, that mindset must die. You should never be afraid to be yourself and to do amazing things. I don’t understand how people can hate on others for doing what they refuse to do. You must leave your mark on the universe, that’s the whole point of being alive. You’re not here just to make money, eat and sleep. That’s a fleshy way to live and it always ends in death. You are here to go through trails and tribulations so that you can learn and grow. Then you use what you know to help others, period. You’re here to help the next generation.

Once we get this in our spirits then we are aligned with the mission of God. Don’t let this world fool you into worshipping the worldly systems. Get on your mark, become spirit led and go after it all.

Being Unauthentic

We live in a world where you can’t be yourself, you have to shrink to fit in. It’s like you can’t show up as you, some people don’t even know that they are not being themselves. The devil has tricked many into wanting to fit in. It’s not until you seek the truth you will be free. 

I recently discovered that your “inner man” (soul, subconscious etc.) deals with having to conform everyday. We do it all the time, when you’re at the grocery store, bank or doctors office, we talk in this unauthentic, weird way, it’s annoyingly creepy. Our subconscious has an involuntary need to be like everyone and to be LIKED by everyone. Since the beginning of our life, we have been fitting in, some people don’t even know it. It’s not like the regular stuff, it’s deeper. It’s feeling like you can’t be your true self, around your friends, family and work environment. They expect you to be a certain way so they can put you in a box. But when you don’t fit in a box, they ridicule you to make you conform. As black a woman, I feel I don’t fit in with other black people. I don’t say the word “nigga”, I don’t listen to rap music, I don’t support BLM, I don’t eat unhealthy foods (crab boils, ew) and I’m not trying to be a hot girl.I’m just Cristen. I hate evil, and I know evil when I see it. Evil is subliminal and I always call it out, in return I’m ostracized. My inner man is threatened to conform. 

You have to have an encounter with God in order to wake up so you are free of trying to fit in. A lot has been going on in the media. Global celebrities are standing up to evil, not caring about fitting in or being canceled. Thankfully they know their reward isn’t in the world but is with God so it strengthens them to fight the spiritual battle. An enemy of the world is a friend to God and vice versa. We live to serve God and to be authentic, that’s the only point of life. The enemy is the ruler of the world so many are led astray from God and end up being a version of themselves God didn’t create. The enemy makes idols for people to worship. For example Cardi B and Migos are idols for hot girls and gangstas to look up to. The devil promotes them even though their music is a curse. The enemy wants people to have no morals. He promotes bad influences because that’s his job (and he’s always on his job). 

Being authentic is having a relationship with God, the one that created you. He’s not only Lord and Savior over your life but he also is a teacher. What ever you need God to teach you he’s always there. I use to pray for money until a voice spoke and said pray for God to teach you how to handle money. I realized it wasn’t that I didn’t have enough money, I wasn’t spending it right. He then taught me to always make sure my essentials are taken care of FIRST and to never buy unessential items unless I can’t afford to pay for it 10 times. That alone is a lesson, that I’ll keep forever in life. These are things you can receive from God, (wisdom) once you’re on HIS side. There’s been other lessons I will discuss in later blogs. 

Be yourself, ask God to reveal who you are, it will not happen over night but each day he will reveal it little by little. You have to know who you are because if you don’t, this world will tell you. It’s important to seek God and to be authentic so you are free. 

Stop Abuse

Abuse is to treat someone with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly. Many people deal with abuse(even as adults) and don’t know it. It doesn’t matter if abuse is verbal, physical, or mental it all has the same impact.

Abuse is normal in todays world. The world and abuse are long time friends. Since the beginning, people have taken advantage of other people, mistreating them without regard. It’s not right but the world has normalized it. We have become numb to mistreatment. You see the effects of abuse manifested in the world today. Because of abuse the whole world has been corrupted and hell has broken loose. People simply do not have it in their heart to care about others. It’s not that they’re cruel but the world is so cruel that it turns their hearts cold. We’re not born evil or abusive, but the environment shapes us to be that way.

There’s many ways a person becomes abusive, it starts in childhood. We should treat children tenderly, and make sure we are not causing any irreparable damages to their self image. Did you know abuse changes you at a cellular level? So that means if a child is being scrutinized and abused physically, it changes their DNA. Also it makes them susceptible to addictions. Biblically speaking abuse causes gateways for satan and demons to enter, changing their spirit, it’s very hard to fix. 

Abuse doesn’t just happen in childhood, it happens in every stage of life. The more common ones when we’re older are with spouses and in the workplace. Workplace abuse is REAL, but it’s done mentally which is harder to pin down. Co workers and bosses abuse you, making you feel less than when you’re just trying to make a living. Then to top it off since it’s so normalized everyone expects you to suck it up and deal with it. How much abuse can a person take? This causes mental health issues. As mentioned before it doesn’t matter if the abuse is verbal, physical or mental your body can’t detect the difference and processes it the same. This means if someone traumatizes you mentally, it’s just like being a huge car accident where you lost your legs. 

We should remember one of the first lessons ever taught “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all” because words have the ability to hurt people. The power of life and death is in the tongue Proverbs 18:21. We should be careful of our actions especially with children, if you think you may have abusive qualities, then get help before you spread it around. Hate is contagious disease. 


“Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast, it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on it’s own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong doing but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things” – Corinthians 13:4-7

What is love? I always knew love was what parents felt when they had a baby. But other than that, I never knew. Love is simple, it’s an action. It’s things you do through out your day that you love. It’s waking up knowing that you don’t have to go in to work that day, it’s coming home from a long day and getting to finally rest, it’s going to the dentist to have that tooth pulled that’s been putting you in agony. It’s a release. It’s a comfortable feeling.

Love is being able to stand up confidently for what you believe in. Love is standing up for yourself and others. I feel love must start with you. You have to love you before you can love someone else. If you don’t know what something is, you never had it, how can you give it to someone else? Love is quiet and calm. It’s not loud and overbearing. It’s not critical or judgmental. It’s not stress inducing, it’s stress relieving. Love doesn’t carry around negativity; it doesn’t hate and isn’t jealous of others. In Corinthians 1:18 the apostle Paul says “If I speak in tongues of men an angels but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a changing symbol. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all the mysteries and all the the knowledge, and I have faith that can move mountains but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all I posses to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing”. Paul tells us that love isn’t a mere feeling but it’s how we relate to others. It’s an action. It’s the posture of our hearts when we do something that brings love.

Love is enduring meaning it’s unchanging, it doesn’t switch up, it’s reliable. This brings huge amounts of trust and loyalty that strengthens it. Love is more than words, you can’t describe it. It has many different forms, it flows.


I can’t believe it’s 2022 and people are still racist. It breaks my heart to see people not like black people. We impacted a lot while going through a lot and it saddens me, we’re not valued. It comes from us not valuing ourselves. In this next stage of consciousness, that we are all experiencing, we must value ourselves. We have to position ourselves like the Israelites in the Bible, in order to make it to the other side.

As I was on Instagram today, I saw a post and it struck a nerve. It was a spanish, Puerto Rican guy ignorantly making fun of his black “friend” because of his skin color. He made the comment in a jokingly way, but it wasn’t a joke. I’ve been feeling for some time that Spanish people (all other races, but especially them) are vey racist. I don’t understand how you can be racist to black people. It comes from a very hateful place that needs to be checked by a doctor. I feel sorry for racist, that’s not a way to live life. If your are racist, God isn’t on your side. He doesn’t like ugly. The devil is having his way, and it’s unfair to you. You never get ANYWHERE in life having racism in your heart. It’s like a blockage, that no blessings or miracles can get past.

I have been oblivious to the hidden racism that’s in this country. I am a black woman. I love this skin that I’m in, I look in the mirror and love me. However, many people don’t. They look in the mirror and hate what they see and they take it out on other people, specifically races. That’s what makes a racist. I haven’t been able to wrap my mind around racism, it’s a very touchy subject that I hold dear. Many organizations eat off of blacks being targeted. They take a bad situation and use it to benefit them. That’s even more racist than the harm that was done. So, I never get involved with Black Lives Matter. It’s a hashtag, a company that preys on blacks, I don’t like it. They don’t help.

As black people, we should focus in on the Bible. The bible is telling us what’s going on. It’s a book that never goes out of style because it is made for us. In the Bible, Moses led the Isrealites out of Egypt, that was his purpose. But God didn’t take the usual route, because of Pharoah’s (King of Egypt) army so he told Moses to lead the people toward the Red Sea. They had to go through a desert. They had to unlearn they things they were taught in Egypt, their spirit was tested. Many died trying to make it to the promised land. We are in Egypt, this world symbolizes Egypt where there are many false Gods. But when you break free and choose to live righteously, you must give up what you know and go through the wilderness/ desert. You have to trust that God is leading you to the promise land. When they finally made it, generations had been born and they were new people. They no longer had sin in their heart. Their customs were different.

As black people, this is for us. We are the Israelites. We are slaves in Egypt, it’s apparent. We must wake up and leave Egypt, mentally. We must give up habits that are keeping us here. Habits like smoking weed, being over promiscuous and hardening our hearts to God. God is the one and only savior. No healing can come unless it’s from him. But it’s a partnership, God partners with us to leave Egypt. We have to do our part in leaving sin behind. They had to leave everything they had in Egypt and follow Moses.

Now is the time to choose life. We get so wrapped up in the world that we lose sight of our oppression. When you are mentally enslaved, you are troubled and have a lot of hate in your heart. God has been working on me, that’s why I’m able to tell you. Choose life and leave sin behind.

Happiness is Essential to Health and Beauty

Healthy living includes being happy. Beauty comes from the inside. The way you feel on the inside shows. It’s important to stay beautiful on the inside so it can be revealed.

Most people think it’s genetic, but beauty isn’t an inherited trait. Beauty is about showing vulnerablitly. If you’re unable to let go of life’s mishaps it will show in the way you look. Beauty is also shown through the way you carry yourself, your energy. Energy can be felt, it’s like WiFi. That’s why one person can mess up the vibe in a room and the latter, they can also start the vibe in a room. It’s all internal and it comes from being unattacted to the laws of the system. Being unbothered and doing your own thing creates beauty. Follow me. The more you are stuck in the system, the uglier you become. It’s not that you have acne, it’s your friend circle.

When you are stuck in the system, you live in a program. Anything outside the program you don’t see. They program us to only see their idea of beauty. They’ve programmed black women to hate their hair and to not see it as beautiful, when in reality health is beauty. Anyhing not healthy is not beautiful. Your body, if it’s overweight, that should be a problem in your eyes. Being overweight is a big sign of laziness.

In the system, the only happiness we have is their idea, and it makes us ugly overtime. Their idea of happiness can never sustain you, and will result in stress. When you are constanly under stress, not only will your body suffer but so will your face. Your face muslces will get stuck in an unplesant way. Your skin texture will change and you will lose muscles. Stress can weaken your whole system.

It’s unfair your beauty has to suffer due to things out of your control. But that’s why if you stumbled across this blog you’re in luck. You can fix your appeareance through being authenically happy and showing it. I believe eveyone should look and feel their best.

Rebuke Flattery

Throughout life you will meet a lot of people. Some may be similar to you, and others may not. It’s important to ground yourself in knowing who you are, so compliments from others (or criticism) does not phase you. We are sucked into a world where others opinions hold weight. We do things that are praised, so we start to feed into society. That’s the foundation of anxiety and depression. .

I use to go around being my authentic self and men would compliment me. It made me feel good but awkward at the same time. I felt I was being pulled to open up to them just because they were “friendly”. I feel men use flattery to loosen women up and get them to let their guard down. They want to come off as friendly and charming, but if they were authentic, they would not have to put on any airs. Once they see you eating up the compliments, they have control over you in a sense. I’ve seen men use flattery to make an impression that they are good people. They have ruined women lives, placating the good guy, and they gaslight, when in reality they have ulterior motives. Flattery is how they move through society. The same way they flatter you, they flatter majority of the women they run into. You probably don’t see it as flattery and think its genuine, when actually it’s everything but.

I have serious issues being flattered. I use to think people were being nice. I took compliments because, it’s “negative” if you don’t. Now, I realize I already know who I am. I don’t need sweet talk from men that don’t know me. I fell back in love with myself like how I was as a child. I realized I always knew I was great, (I don’t need anyone to tell me that). It wasn’t until I bit from the apple of what everyone else thought that I lost consciousness of what I thought about myself.

The Programming pt 1

Hello blog. I have been hit with a theory recently. We are all programmed. We’re programmed to feel certain ways. Our mind has been trained to care about worldly issues. I developed the concept, you have to stay nonchalant through life to not get caught up.

Naturally many people are nonchalant. The world beats us into submission to care about a lot of things we otherwise would not. Worry and fear steals peace. As children we entered this planet not caring about the outside world. We didn’t care about money, power, mental health etc. It’s not until the programming started, that we were made to care. The moment you started straying away from aloofness, you entered a world a chaos and FEAR.

Being unconcerned about how others view you, protects your soul. Keeping a nonchalant composure ensures tranquility. Many people care about what others think. A part of them feels that others feelings’ are valid, when in reality it’s not.

Once I grasped the idea that I didn’t care about what this world thought of me, I began to live fearlessly, like I did as a child. I remember as a child, I didn’t care about anything that was outside of me. People always said “I was in my own world”. I’m delighted to hear that now. I went from being in my own world to being in this one, and it cost me peace. The cure is to get back the mind we had as children.

As children we had great discernment. We could easily tell what was aligned and what wasn’t. We’re programmed to have faulty values. Our values get tarnished here, from seeing family do foul things to being treated badly just because that’s the way it’s always been. We come here and do a complete spiritual 180, we get turned into a product of society.

I’m so happy God blessed me with this word to share with anyone who’s reading. Be a child, he still sees you as a child.

Stay Grounded to Flourish

The vibe of the world has changed recently. I don’t know if you’re aware, the cosmic energy is flowing rampant. It has allowed Earth to be purified, releasing what caused dysfunction. We are in a time where we are forced to ascend.

The last 4 years has been all about self care and healing. The people that got it, got it. Those who wanted more consciousness were taught valuable tools to help with ascension. We repeated affirmations, did yoga and meditated to seek a higher source. That was all for God’s purpose. He will bless this Earth with something incredible, that will change the trajectory of this land forever. We (soulseekers) have to lay the foundation for his will to be completed.

That’s my perspective. We are laying the foundation for the next generation. Two hundred years from now things will look completely different. People won’t suffer like now, they will have a higher consciousness that impacts their life thus, making this world a better place. There’s a lot riding on us right now.

You must stay grounded to fulfill the mission. Grounding is the pillar to wholeness. Once you’re grounded you’re steady, making it harder for the enemy to get to you. You have a base that recharges you; it connects you to the source. Grounding and centering are used in meditation for focus. Once you’re focused you’re able to accomplish so much more. You have CONNECTION.

There’s so much unsteadinesses out here. Oh my goodness I see it everyday, it’s bad. That’s an indicator that people aren’t connected to the source. Grounding solidifies you in a positive realm. Once you’re connected to God through grounding, fear disappears & so does ego.

A lot is happening and will happen. God is on the move! Like never before, lean in. Staying centered and grounded will make it so you’re not in his way. A lot of purging and dismantlement is going on. Establishments and organizations that harm black people are being destroyed by God. Even the things that are normalized, but is demonic he’s destroying. **this is kind of off topic, but a lot of things that use give man that “kick” like talking about people, complaining, being sarcastic (which is camouflaged anger), and just overall negativity he’s destroying. He’s destroying it from the inside, in such a sophisticated way, when you see it you’re not going to be able to deny him.

Stay grounded through it all. It’s the only way to make it through what’s taking place. These devils will try to trip you up. The enemy is putting in over time because he see God going hard. Outsmart him and connect to your source through grounding.

Inner & Outer Worlds

I realize there are two worlds. Your inner and outer worlds. One influences the other. If your inner world is chaotic , your outer world becomes hell. You do things that go against yourself when one of your worlds is out of alignment.

My inner world became invaded. Being harshly scrutinized by people close to me, clouded my inner world. My inner world started to go against me. What does that look like, inner world going against itself? Depression & anxiety.

Your inner world is what you see & how you feel in everyday life. If you’re nervous, uneasy and scared your inner world is not in a safe place. You must keep your spirit (inner world) clean and safe, so it’s in peace.

I realized my inner world was traumatized and it made me shrink. I’m creating a safe place within myself so I can finally have peace. Negative thoughts and feelings are void in my safe place. The soul needs it.

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