The Programming pt 1

Hello blog. I have been hit with a theory recently. We are all programmed. We’re programmed to feel certain ways. Our mind has been trained to care about worldly issues. I developed the concept, that you have to stay nonchalant through life to not get caught up.

Naturally many people are nonchalant. The world beats us into submission to care about a lot of things we otherwise would not. Worry and fear steals peace. As children we entered this planet not caring about the outside world. We don’t care about money, power, mental health etc.; it’s not until the programming starts, that we are made to care. The moment you start straying away from aloofness, you enter a world a chaos and FEAR.

Being unconcerned about how others view you, protects your soul. Keeping a nonchalant composure ensures tranquility. Many people care about what others think about them. A part of them feels that others feelings’ are valid, when in reality it’s not.

Once I grasped the idea that I don’t care about what this world thinks of me, I began to live fearlessly, like I did as a child. I remember as a child, I didn’t care about anything that was outside of me. People always said “I was in my own world”. I’m delighted to hear that now. I went from being in my own world to being in this one, and it cost me peace. The cure is to get back the mind we had as children.

As children we had great discernment. We could easily tell what was aligned and what wasn’t. We’re programmed to have faulty values. Our values get tarnished here, from seeing family do foul things to being treated badly just because that’s the way it’s always been. We come here and do a complete spiritual 180, we get turned into a product of society.

I’m so happy God blessed me with this word to share with anyone who’s reading. Be a child, he still sees you as a child.

Stay Grounded to Flourish

The vibe of the world has changed recently. I don’t know if you’re aware, the cosmic energy is flowing rampant. It has allowed Earth to be purified, releasing what caused dysfunction. We are in a time where we are forced to ascend.

The last 4 years has been all about self care and healing. The people that got it, got it. Those who wanted more consciousness were taught valuable tools to help with ascension. We repeated affirmations, did yoga and meditated to seek a higher source. That was all for God’s purpose. He will bless this Earth with something incredible, that will change the trajectory of this land forever. We (soulseekers) have to lay the foundation for his will to be completed.

That’s my perspective. We are laying the foundation for the next generation. Two hundred years from now things will look completely different. People won’t suffer like now, they will have a higher consciousness that impacts their life thus, making this world a better place. There’s a lot riding on us right now.

You must stay grounded to fulfill the mission. Grounding is the pillar to wholeness. Once you’re grounded you’re steady, making it harder for the enemy to get to you. You have a base that recharges you; it connects you to the source. Grounding and centering are used in meditation for focus. Once you’re focused you’re able to accomplish so much more. You have CONNECTION.

There’s so much unsteadinesses out here. Oh my goodness I see it everyday, it’s bad. That’s an indicator that people aren’t connected to the source. Grounding solidifies you in a positive realm. Once you’re connected to God through grounding, fear disappears & so does ego.

A lot is happening and will happen. God is on the move! Like never before, lean in. Staying centered and grounded will make it so you’re not in his way. A lot of purging and dismantlement is going on. Establishments and organizations that harm black people are being destroyed by God. Even the things that are normalized, but is demonic he’s destroying. **this is kind of off topic, but a lot of things that use give man that “kick” like talking about people, complaining, being sarcastic (which is camouflaged anger), and just overall negativity he’s destroying. He’s destroying it from the inside, in such a sophisticated way, when you see it you’re not going to be able to deny him.

Stay grounded through it all. It’s the only way to make it through what’s taking place. These devils will try to trip you up. The enemy is putting in over time because he see God going hard. Outsmart him and connect to your source through grounding.

Inner & Outer Worlds

I realize there are two worlds. Your inner and outer worlds. One influences the other. If your inner world is chaotic , your outer world becomes hell. You do things that go against yourself when one of your worlds is out of alignment.

My inner world became invaded. Being harshly scrutinized by people close to me, clouded my inner world. My inner world started to go against me. What does that look like, inner world going against itself? Depression & anxiety.

Your inner world is what you see & how you feel in everyday life. If you’re nervous, uneasy and scared your inner world is not in a safe place. You must keep your spirit (inner world) clean and safe, so it’s in peace.

I realized my inner world was traumatized and it made me shrink. I’m created a safe place within myself so I can finally have peace. Negative thoughts and feelings are void in my safe place. The soul needs it.

Why I Don’t Say the Word Nigga?

For the longest, ever since I was born, I’ve heard the word “Nigga”. Ignorant people use it to convey an emotion they want to get out. It’s a tricky word though because you never know the intention behind the person that’s saying it. It use to be a word only blacks used, now everyone is saying it. People say it when they’re mad, happy, indifferent, and that’s why it’s tricky.

I NEVER liked the word. I don’t use it. I feel when you use, it shows that you’re incompetent or angry. In the past blacks used it to show comradery, it was a term of endearment. But I have to argue with that, it’s a hateful word. To me the word “nigga” means anything you don’t like or that goes against you. When you’re mad, you call someone a “nigga”. Society doesn’t talk about it enough, but that word is poison. It’s hateful. It carries hate, every time you say it, you’re spewing hate out of your being. There’s a reason, that word causes so many issues. If it was a “cool” or good word, it wouldn’t get so much backlash when used. You know the feeling you get when you hear the word; toxic people may like it but for sane individuals, it bothers us. It’s a curse word. A “nigga” to me is something that opposes the black community, or you. It’s an offensive word, and I wish more people treated it as such.

Speaking to the black community: we must get out of the habit of saying that word. It’s a bad word that curses us. How do we love ourselves when we use such a hateful word? You can’t love yourself from a real level if you use that word and you’re black. It starts with us. If we want to see change and gain RESPECT FOR OURSELVES, WE MUST STOP USING IT. I don’t want that word to live on, in the next 100 years I want it to be gone, it’s not needed. It’s repulsive, and it’s the number one thing keeping us oppressed. As black people, we are role models. Different ethnicities look to us because we have made the biggest impact, if we keep using the word it’s going to continue the hate cycle in the world. I believe if we stop using it, so will everyone else, it starts with us.

Was What Whoopi Goldberg Said On the View Right or Wrong??

Recently Whoopi Goldberg made a strong statement regarding race, it was eye opening. On The View, she talked about how the holocaust had nothing to do with race. She said, it was a white group killing another white group. If it was about race, that wouldn’t have happened. Hitler was a jew. It was an attack on humanity more than anything, and they used “race” as a cover. I felt this intensely. The powers that be uses race as a vessle for hate. In reality race doesn’t matter, they want us to hate eachother and they use race because that’s the only way they can accomplish their mission.

Race is a terminal used for hate. It would be hard to explain why they want to create a toxic environment for us to live in. It would demolish their system, if we knew the truth. Truth is: they could care less about your color and more about the energy inside of you. Your flesh is nothing, it’s the spirit they want to control. Your spirit matters more because it controls your flesh. They want us to go against each other so they appeal through our emotions about our race. It’s a proven way to govern a society. Black on black crime is real, if it was a “race” issue blacks wouldn’t be a threat to each other more than any other race.

It’s a energy thing. Once you realize this, stuff starts making more sense. They want a toxic, hateful society. The people in charge use race to protect their agenda. It was never about the way you look, it’s about making you feel bad. Hate is moved through people, and race is the the platform. Hate is the enemy, always have been and always will. We must get to a place where we know this, so we can stop feeling hurt over the same things. God is maturing a lot of people. He’s saying “In order to follow me , you can’t get caught up in the schemes”. Like Lady Ga Ga said, “Evil is smart”, if it can attack you it will. It’s been attacking this world for centuries, don’t get caught up in it.

I Want US to Love US

I wrote this 3 years ago. It was scrapped it and never published. But with today being the first day of black history month I think this is what the world needs.

Lately I have really been doing some soul searching. I’ve been trying to understand this world more. I have emptied my mind of negative thoughts about the black community and used it as a guide for the future. I have stated before that rascism isn’t the answer and we should move on from slavery. I still very much believe that we are the main force holding ourselves back. We would be a powerful force if we stood together and supported each other. We have a great infulence but, sadly we don’t get credit for anything we contribute. Everyone benefits off of us and they don’t even respect us because we don’t respect ourselves.

At my job recently I got a new co-worker and she’s from Africa. She is brilliant, has a strong presence and is very cuturally aware. She stated that in her country (Nigera) men are more masculine than ones here. Men also like being men and it makes there community stronger, when men act like men. They are trying to make our race look weak & inferior, because they know we are strong- but do we? Not to say that the black men here do not like being men but, nobody likes a strong black man in America,(even black men in America) that’s just the God honest truth. Black men are taught how to be either :an athelte, a thug or gay. Black men are looked down on for being strong and actually smart. They want our men to dim their light so theirs can shine. Our presence is poweful and it comes from God. We are powerful on impact. We are light even though our skin is dark. We are beautiful, we are intellegent, we are strong! Others know this but do we? We are feared. All the opression we’ve faced, we still managed to be the face of America, with our culture and our impact. We control the money and we control what’s cool. However, in all of our greatness, it does come with some cons.

We are judged more because our life is an open book. People of different ethnicities may make fun of us because they don’t understand. We are pinned against each other because nobody can truly take us out except for our own. It makes it hard for the black men who are strong. We lack strong black men. I hate seeing us fighting and killing each other! Why do we kill our own? You don’t see any other race killing their own, except for ours. Why can’t we come together? Why can’t we teach our kids more about knowlege & impowerment than just stupid rap videos? Why can’t we feed our kids more nutritional foods so, that their bodies can be healthy and strong? Refer back to my “Our health is killing us” blog for the shocking statistics on our health. We need to get it togther. WE must help and empower each other more than what we currnetly do.

We all know being black is tough sometimes (like people always claim) but, it doesnt have to be. WE have to change our focus. Instead of saying it’s tough, fix your life. Lighten up your space and things will begin to fall into place. You can’t complain that it’s hard but, do absoulutly nothing to make your life better.

Don’t Let Toxic Men Run You Around

Toxic men hate smart, confident, and sophisticated women. They will try anything to take them down. We must support each other.

Our society is flooded with women competing for male attention. Many women never was loved properly by men. Some never had dads, and the ones that did were toxic. Since they were never loved properly, they’ll accept anything. Unhealthy women empower toxic men. They allow men dictate how they show up in the world. Toxic men like the idea of a women, staying at home, raising the kids, cooking for them and so fourth, all the while treating them like garbage. That’s not love. A man is suppose to give to his woman, the real ones know.

As women we are natural recievers. The man is suppose to serve us, it’s in their nature. Since our history is so violent, alot of values got lost. Now, men think by putting down women, it makes them more of a man. It’s a ego boost to men who weren’t raised right. Toxic men are dangerous, they destroy everything they touch. Their toxic masculinity has never been dealt with, so the only way to show their pain is through anger. They will belittle their spouse, and crush their self-esteem.

I just watched the movie The Color Purple, for the first time. I think God waited until I was mature enough to get the concept so, I could understand the full picture. From watching it, I only have one thing to say: BE SHUG, NOT CIELE. Shug embraced her femeninity. She allowed men to serve her, and she never dimmed her light. She knew herself, and from that she was able to be a light for Ciele. We are all forms of light. We are created to pass light through our being, that’s how the world moves. When something is stopping your light from shinning through, you become stagnant. Toxic men are stagnant men, their light isn’t passing through, so they have no life to give. Women enslaved by toxic men, will soon become stagnant too.

Don’t feel you have to put up with a crappy partner. If he isn’t serving you let him go. You deserve the best. Toxic men never change, they only get more toxic. Don’t stick around for it, please free yourself.

Repelling Toxic People

You become the negativity that surrounds you. You’re encapsulated by your enviroment, it creates your whole being. You are what you are close to. It’s important if you want your mental health to survive, to repel toxicity.

You must be able to identify what’s hindering you. What’s making you become stagnant? It takes a conscious person to be able to pinpoint their obstacles. When you have a lot of things in your space, it fogs your mental clarity. It starts with your environment, where you live and who you live with greatly affects your mental health. If you are around toxicity soon, you will be one with it.

Never invite toxicity into your home. We live in a culture where we want to help everyone. We also don’t want to be alone. We take people in like lost puppies, hoping to be supportive because we “love” them. But don’t do it, everyone has to find their own way. There are some exceptions to this rule, like a child for instance. But be careful because even children can be toxic. You have to be able to identify what’s toxic. You deserve to have a toxic-free life. Inviting someone to come live with you is unsafe to your health.

When you invite people in your home, things will come up missing, like joy and peace. I’ve seen it happen many times, even myself fell victim to it. I was living in my OWN apartment, taking care of myself, and doing quite well might I add. I felt GREAT like nothing could stop me, only to invite a guy that I “loved” into my space. He ran me out of my own apartment. I had to leave or I would’ve ended up in a penitentiary. I saw my bright future disappear, and me being in handcuffs never seeing the light of day again. It was that serious. I had invited poison into my life and now I had to deal with the consequences.

People (particularly women) shouldn’t have to go through this. We have enough on our plate, and shouldn’t have to deal with dead weight. Anyone that wants to shack up with you is dead weight. Anyone that is serious about their life shouldn’t NEED you. Alot of men shack up with women to use their resources. People are dangerous. We live in an unjust world where people will do anything to get ahead, that includes using you. Some men will even put a baby in you, it’s digusting.

It’s important if we want to live our best life possible, to not have anything in your space that’s toxic. Anything stopping you from living the life you want is harmful. As women we have to be smart. Just because you have fun with them shouldn’t mean they get a one-way ticket to come live with you. You must keep your eyes on the prize and the prize is you.

Why Respect and Love Go Hand in Hand

Respect is paramount in every relationship. I don’t care if it’s with your children, parents, pets or spouses- respect MATTERS. We live in a society where respect is dwindling. No one respects anyone anymore. How can we expect to survive without respect?

Respect is currency and starts with the way we treat ourselves. How can we expect respect when we don’t have it to begin with? When we don’t respect ourselves, our mental health depleates. Negative thoughts run rampant without respect. In the book The Voice of Knowledge, Don says in order to make the negative thoughts go away, you must tell them to respect you. When I applied this to my life, the negative thoughts vanished, almost like they were afraid I stood up to them. Now, I apply this to outside forces aswell, without respect we don’t have anything. No relationship can survive without respect. That’s why so many friendships and romantic relationships fall apart, lack of respect.

The book also talks about how respect is the greatest form of love. Respect and love go hand in hand. Someone can’t love you if they don’t respect you and vice versa. I was always taught you must respect you parents and teachers, never understading they must also respect you. We teach children to respect us but we don’t respect them. It’s not fair and it isn’t real life. We must also give respect to our children. Let’s use God as an example, God respects us. He doesn’t force his will on us; he lets us make our own choices. He doesn’t beat us when we are down but instead he uses his strenght to make us stronger, that’s love. If God respects his children, what makes you think this doesn’t apply to you? Children are the future, if we want to see anything change we must treat them like they matter.

What normally happens is, the child is never respected as an individual. They grow up with a distorted view of themselves and project that into the world. Now they’re fighting causing chaos because they lack respect. When you respect yourself, everything changes. I never knew love until I met respect. I thought love was me pouring into someone, not knowing love is me pouring into myself, with respect.

To be honest, I never had respect for anyone because deep down I never had it for myself. That’s why I always stayed in trouble. I would let people walk all over me, and talk to me any kind of way. I thought that was normal and that I deserved it. I never had a healthy relationship with anyone. It wasn’t until I encountered God. He revealed to me alll the areas that were defienct in my life. Now, I can’t stand the sight of disrespect; I know it’s ruining the world. I want people to understand, when you respect yourself you can give respect to everyone else. It starts with you.

Break Free From Toxic Relationships

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time” -Maya Angelou

I had to learn the hard way that people rarely change. I was still trying to befriend someone who had already broke me. If someone shows you they are a killer believe them. Don’t ever think you can change people, it’s a huge disservice to yourself.

You can’t force anything. The more you try to go against what God already showed you, it keeps you stuck in a cycle. Something that was suppose to propel you, now has power in keeping you stagnant. You was suppose to have already learned. Never return to the scene of the crime. You will end up getting even more hurt.

Do yourself a favor and break free. It may suck especially when you gave it all you had, but with time you will gain so much more. Don’t let your emotions interfere with your intelligence. Emotions are powerful. They have the capabilty to destroy us if not handeled correctly. When feelings dominate intelligence all hell can and will break lose. Keep them in check.

God is constantly moving. He doesn’t like teaching you something twice. You have to keep up with him. I feel when we go back to people who hurt us, it tells God we are not ready for what’s next. We lose our flow, and God is all about the flow. Stagnation happens when water sits for too long. Water just like us, needs to flow. If it doesn’t it will become a health hazard and destroy everything it surrounds. Never become stagnant. Synonyms for stagnant are filthy, dirty, lifeless and dead. It’s beneath you to not be in flow.

Never return to the scene of the crime, get out before it’s too late. Get out while you still can.

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