True Happiness is the Mission

What is the meaning of true happiness? For some, it means a high paying job, a new car and money. We’ve been taught to aim for materialistic, earthly possessions, turning us away from inner peace. We’ve been blinded to believe money is worth more than time and freedom. True happiness fills you from the inside, making you glow different. It affects your core and it is in everything you do.

How do you know you are truly happy? I feel it’s when you truly wish the best for everyone and, are not blinded by negativity. You become a solider of love. Your soul becomes in sync with the universe and you begin to align with your path. 

In this system, true happiness and knowledge of self are unencouraged. However, destruction is heavily promoted. It is damn near impossible to be happy in this world. They want us to live at a level where we’re not happy. Unhappy, depressed people make an unhappy and depressed world. Keeping us at odds with each other makes it easier to manipulate and invite hate into our hearts. They feed off low vibrations, and won’t rest until they’ve destroyed us. 

JOBS will leave you empty. Getting caught up in this rat-race, (that you will never win) is gut-wrenching. No matter how hard you work, you are not getting rich off of 9-5, period. I don’t care what profession you are; if you have a 9-5, you will never make it off the plantation. It’s not designed that way. I’ll get more in-depth with that in a later blog. 

Many people live not experiencing true happiness and are greatly affected. It is expressed in their life. They attract what they put out, thus creating a life of chaos, all because they are not truly happy. Happiness is essential to live. You need it in order to live a positive life on Earth. You can’t be a negative, unhappy person and expect to attract happiness. You will only attract what you currently are.

I knew I was truly happy when I was at peace with whatever happens in my life. I trust the universe and myself. No matter what happens I will accept it and know nothing can break me because, I’m protected by love. I no longer cared about being what people wanted me to be and, felt comfortable being my true self. I also realized we are all just people stuck in the matrix. We should all love each other because happiness starts there. 

“WAP” Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion** HONEST REVIEW

Cardi B recently dropped her heavily anticipated track WAP, featuring Megan Thee Stallion. The song samples Frank Ski’s, Whores In This House so, from the jump, you know what to expect. The track is loaded with explicit sexual content, and left me flabbergasted. So much vulgarity, SEX, and rauchiness. It’s over the top X-rated while still being catchy, fun, and luring. 

My first-time hearing WAP, I liked it. I did watch the video initially, so I think may have been hypnotized my first impression. I love the video. Everything about it is so well-done, and artistically unique. I also adore the tempo of the song, it puts you in a raunchy mood. Listening to it, feels like having an explicit conversation with a friend. It gives me girl-friend, fun vibes. Also I can realate and I understand the whole point of the song. However, I don’t know how it’s going to get played on the radio! The LYRICS, my gosh! It felt like my ears were being raped. In one verse, Cardi said “I wanna choke, I want you to touch that lil’ dangly thing that swing in the back of my throat”. They left nothing to the imagination, and the song couldn’t have been more nastier. Now I’m not a goody-goody, and I understand what the song is about. But, it was just a little too much. 

Kids are constantly being targeted by the media to lose their innocence. It’s upsetting because, one of the most enjoyable things about childhood is innocence. I love Cardi B and Megan but, I hope young girls don’t view them as role models. I’m not saying it’s their job to teach our girls how to be women but, it’s also NOT their job to lead them astray. They are in a position to lead righteously, this goes for all celebs. It’s okay to have these explicit conversations amongst friends. But, when it goes on the radio, it has to have a positive message. This song doesn’t have a positive message, or one at all. All it’s saying to young women is, if you want to be successful you have to have a Wet Ass Pussy. 

Women have more to offer than vagina. Sex is supposed to be sacred and taken seriously. I hope things change soon. At this rate, I don’t know what we will be listening to in the future. I want wholesome images protected; I don’t want young girls to think it’s okay to be a thot. They should know, it’s not what’s between your thighs, it’s what’s between your eyes, that make you special. If all you have to offer is WAP, then you are in for a rude awakening because, it’s everywhere. Just keeping it real.

The Power of Love is Healing

Love- it’s not just a four letter word. It’s a feeling of unexplainable, positive emotions. It gives you something to live for, we all need it.

Just recently I was in a dark place. I couldn’t open my heart. I was suffering from emotional wounds that were never healed. I was always open with my emotions, and as a child it sometimes got me in trouble. I craved love and attention. However people didn’t uplift my spirit and, silenced my emotions. I had love in me but, it was never cultivated.

As I grew, I realized my body was all out of wack. I felt no connection to my body. My back would ALWAYS hurt and I was always stressed. I smiled to cover up but, I was wreck inside. Not being able to express my feelings led me to never know love. I had my guard up, and it kept me from experiencing the power of love.

The power of love is healing. Love makes you want you be a better person. Love eliminates negativity. A lot of people go through life not experiencing it and it kills them. We all need love, love is what keeps us going. Think about it, when two people are together, they make love thus creating a child out of love. So, in that case, we are all in our core, love. When you finally get to experience it, it’s stronger than any drug. It makes you feel in-tune with the universe. You finally see your soul, I know sounds weird, right?

However, sometimes it’s not real love. You have to be able to discern between real love and knock-off love. Sometimes we get into situations and, it turns out to be a knock-off. Like infatuation and lust, knock-offs have way less value. But, when it’s real you won’t ever question it. Love isn’t possessive or controlling but, is free flowing. You will see your best self in that person and they will recharge you in every way, as you will them. They become your connection to the universe, reminding you of how special it is to be alive. To experience it is a beautiful thing.

I never thought I would experience real, solid, fun, strong love. I thought I knew what love was, not knowing there’s a top tier level, no one talks about. Maybe they do mention it in music but, you have to be on that level to understand. Like Teddy Pendergrass describes, “Things never looked clearer, peace within never felt nearer”, knowing love means knowing peace.

I want everyone to experience love, if you haven’t already. It takes you high places and will change you forever.

The 10 lessons I’ve learned in my 20’s (so far)

Some lessons in life you must learn in order to survive. Not all rules are written out some, you have to work to uncover. This world is made to keep people synonymous. Self-discovery is key. We all have a purpose for a higher self. The 10 life lessons I learned this far are:

  1. Self-Work is the greatest work– Working on yourself makes your life better in every way. It’s one of the best things you can do because it opens your life up to more.
  2. Timing is everything- Everything moves in sync with the universe (the world around you). Just like the seasons know when to change, we are constantly in a cycle.
  3. Don’t let the world fuck with you- I don’t mean to be vulgar, but it’s true. Think for yourself. Don’t let the troubles of the world fuck with your inner peace.
  4. Be financially independent- Financial freedom is the goal. Always stay on top of your finances. Save, budget and always spend less of what you earn.
  5. Live life freely- You don’t have to live the life they tell you to live. Successful people, all have taken risks and pushed the envelope. Know how to manage risks, of course, but ultimately BE YOU. Don’t let society tell you about yourself and how to you should live.
  6. Think happy thoughts- Thoughts become emotions, then actions. Positive thoughts become positive actions. Thoughts should constantly be monitored; if you really want a powerful life, learn to control them.
  7. Live below your means- A follow up of number 4, living below your means saves you from a world of headaches. It leads you to live a free life, because you’re not enslaved by your lifestyle.
  8. Health is Wealth- Make no mistake, health is very important. Take care of your body. Your body is a vessel you explore Earth with, its well-being should always be a top priority.
  9. It’s beauty in vulnerability- This one has hit me a lot lately. I was suffering from “love-deficiency”. I thought by putting my guard up I was protected but really, I was hurting myself. I didn’t treat people in my life with love but, with fear that they were going to hurt me. It’s okay to love and show humility.
  10. The energy you put out is the energy you will receive– Law of attraction is real. The universe works with you to bring what you want out of life. So, choose your words and your actions carefully.


We all have been forced to spend our days at home in front of a screened device. Whether it be phone, laptop, or TV we are being forced to interact with technology even more. We do everything from these devices work, shop, interact with famly and friends. However, what does this mean for life? Technology is making life easier but at what expense?

There’s no doubt life is changing. The way we socialize has changed. Back in the day people recieved news from reading newspapers and watching news channels. Now, with technology at an all time high, people are being updated on news as it happens. Technolgy is becoming apart of us. Our world and way of life is being shifted. The future is here. Covid accerlerated the process of a digital world.

So, what does this mean? Soon you won’t be able to live outside of technology. You’ll be apart of it and it’ll be even harder to escape. It’s already hard to escape, when every 5 minutes we are being summoned by our phones. We get alerted through out the day by apps like, Facebook, IG, Snapchat, and Youtube, constantly pulling us back into the digital world.

Soon technology will become apart of us. Famous entrepreneur and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk plays a huge role in merging humans with AI. His latest invention “Neuralink”, a chip that will be implanted in the brain. It will bridge the gap between humans and technology. Our brain will be able to connect to the world wide web, without the use of a phone, computer etc. He also says the chip will cure most illnesses people face everyday. Please click this link if you want to learn more about Neuralink:

This is the way the world is going, just look around. Everything is becoming digital, soon we will be too. It’s nothing to panic about, but I do want to make people aware. I feel as humans, we fight over meaningless things when this could be the end of life as we know it. It is important that we see the bigger picture and not get caught up in silly squabbles, that only lead us futher into destruction.

Stranger than Fiction

I haven’t written in so long. I have just been busy with life. I do want to say thank you to those who have been supporting my blog even though I’ve been absent. There’s so many topics that I want to discuss. It seems people have a strong detest for the truth. Whenever a person speaks the truth, they ultimately become hated, why?

It dates back to the biblical days with Jesus. He was crucified because he spoke out against the lies, deceit and tried to save people! It seems people rather believe lies than to hear the truth. In the black community we have to be open to hearing different perspectives. The truth may not be plesant but, atleast you have it and can overcome whatever is going on. I see that a lot not just in the black community, but in the world. Donald Trump! For an example. I am in no way a Donald Trump supporter but, I do support some of his ways of doing things (Surprise!!). I support him having an open mind and being heavily opinionated. I support him being pro-american, and making it his duty to tell American citizens the truth. He is heavily hated on both sides for speaking the truth and giving his opinion. Does America just want us to believe everything is fine and dandy meanwhile the world is in total ruin?

It’s seriously becoming a problem. They don’t want us to use our brains to make this world a better place. They rather see this world destroyed and in chaos because that’s their whole plan. The world is so money driven that they rather people die from cancer than to sell the cure.

Tupac, Kanye, Michael Jackson, Nipsey, Dr.Sebi, XXXtenancion, the list goes on are all examples of people who spoke out and were killed, mysteriously murked. Why is it that the goverment/system doesn’t want people to awake to a more consious level. It’s sickening and deppressing to watch. When Dr.Sebi said that the food we eat isn’t food, it’s chemicals; or when XXX said you can unlock certain things in life with your mind the more conscious you become, they both died. People are murdered for speaking the truth on a daily basis. It makes me empowered even more to spread the TRUTH. We can continue to close our eyes and act like things around us do not exists, but who does that help?

How liberals control mass media

There is no question, the media is controlled by liberals. Celebrities are paid from liberal news outlets to promote their agenda. The liberals want blacks to believe they are on our side, but they do nothing for our community. They keep us dependent on the system. First let me say, the government was never supposed to dictate our everyday life. If you look in our governmental history, in the late 1700’s, they were only there to facilitate our needs and the government resources. The government also created a military to “protect” Americans from the British. However, the government was never supposed to become this powerful. Think about it, this is God’s land and no man has rights to it, it’s for everyone. Nowadays, the government controls what you see, eat, hear and do. We are being controlled and don’t even notice it because we are so conditioned. 

The “liberals” just make everything worse, because they keep us dependent. Once you’re dependent, mass control becomes easier. I am not into politics, but now I have no choice. The agenda of most of these candidates are wicked. This leads me to my next topic, liberals equal no morals. We all have morals that we are born with believe it or not but, they become heavily crowded when society values money over morals. Also, as blacks WE are so easily manipulated, you can pull the wool over our eyes in a heartbeat (some of us). It’s also easy to control us because we easily turn our backs on each other. I don’t know where that stems from, blacks being disloyal to each other. Nevertheless, black people are a very easy group to get votes from. Most of the people that voted for Obama only did it because he was black, that is stupid! Barack Obama is black, but he works for the Democrats and they do not care about blacks. Malcolm X said in an interview once that “The democrats and republicans are just like the fox and wolf”. Meaning the Democrats poses as a fox, friendly towards blacks but, their agenda is the same as the wolf. The wolf poses less friendly but has the same motives as the fox. The Republicans are the wolf in this analogy and the Democrats are the fox. I’ve heard by a large number of millennials that this past election was choosing between the lesser of two evils. As black people, we should take time to research candidates and pick the candidate whose values fall most in line with ours. We need people that can protect, and help impoverished communities. There’s too much at stake with the next election for us not to do research on these candidates. You should not think about their party but, instead think about their policies. A lot of people may hate (utterly despise) Donald Trump however, I have to say the main points of his campaign (MOST OF IT) he’s gotten done. Also, Donald wasn’t bribed by the Jews, Russians etc., which makes me feel better as an American. On the flip side when Obama entered the White House he was getting bribed left and right which altered his political stance. I mean really, Obama was in the white house for 2 terms (8 years) and did NOTHING for black people, the ones that got him elected in the first place. I get it, as black people when we see a black person in the position of power we think, “oh we won, he’s going to watch out for us”, not knowing that we will never win in an unfair, unjust world. The only way of “winning” is to constantly out-smart the system. 

Stop hitting snooze!

Honestly it’s really crazy how things can change so quick. 2019 has been a year like no other ALREADY, with more people becoming aware of what’s going on. I feel we have to keep striving for more knowledge and not get distracted by negativity.

Honestly I just want people to pay EXTREMELY CLOSE TO WHAT THEY CONSUME AND ALLOW IN THEIR BODY. Remember food is suppose to fuel your cells, anything that doesn’t fall in line with that, is not food. I’ve been recently watching a lot of Dr.Sebi’s podcast on Youtube, and he teaches that your body’s diet should reflect your environment. Your diet should ALWAYS reflect nature and be natural, especialy black people. We eat too many non-natural foods and our health is suffering. Black people ultimately come from Africa so our diet should reflect foods that are native in Africa. He repeatly mentions the harmful effects of sugar and starch, saying both are chemicals and are not natural. A lot of foods we eat are not natural by the way. Take a look at Dr.Sebi’s video:

All of the material things in the wolrd can’t compare to your health. There’s no secret the world profits from so called “incurable diseases”. The diseases come directly from the foods we eat coupled with our emotions. The medical industry does not care about our health, they care more about the money. However, some doctors may inform you to watch the foods you eat, yet society makes it hard for you to actually have a good diet. The food in America is not healthy, AT ALL. The American diet consist of a lot of carbohydrates and protiens. Carbs and protiens don’t neccesarily absorb into our cells, they simply just get stored as fat. Also, proteins are amino acids, and acids do not belong in an alkalinic body.

A lot of what we’ve been taught is a lie. That’s something we ought to know. With the passing of Nipsey Hustle I pray he didn’t die in vain mainly, and that we carry out his leagacy. To the people that geuinley want to spread peace, light and love, I pray we make a change for the better. We should first start by changing the way we look at things. We should focus internally on ourselves and spirit. We should spread love and positive energy to this dark and deceitful world. We shouldn’t let the enemy win. We should constanly strive to make this world a better place.

Is BET still black?

I remember as a child how important music and culture was. I remember always wanting to be updated on current events. One of the ways I caught up was through BET (black entertainment television). BET was a household name for most black families. BET united us through music, entertainment, and conversation. However, now it’s not like that. Now, BET is a lifeless channel that has no real creativity and does not support or uplift black people. Nowadays BET broadcast less than mediocre shows and serves no real purpose for black people.

BET is so white-washed now and too “trying to appease a mainstream audience”. BET was never created to appease the mainstream. That is when everything went downhill. The award shows are getting weaker and weaker and as the years go by, fewer viewers are tuning in. When will corporate America admit the black audience are mainstream. We control the media because we have the largest spending power. We are the ones that unfortunately watch the most T.V. and listen to the most radio. So, the main audience the networks should try to appease is the black audience, and if they were smart they would know this.

In the black community, we have a lot of potential. Any endeavor we invest in instantly becomes a success because we have that “it” factor. The industry knows this, that is why they try to control us through entertainment. BET initially was created to uplift and unite our community. Since being brought by Vitacom, BET has been left to dry and nothing has been broadcast to uplift us. Just think about all of the celebs that could invest and buy back BET and use it to support our community. If Black entertainers, whether it be sports, music, movies, politics came together and regained BET it would be very beneficial. Inspiring celebs could come together and use BET as a platform to promote themselves with uplifting shows.

BET would be that platform we need in order to get our voices heard.

Wake Up

Now is the time, more than ever to wake up. We need to realize certain things for what they are and stop being blind. Sometimes as black people I feel, there is no hope for us because we simply DON’T GET IT. However I know that we can and will thrive.

We have to take our power back. We have to stop supporting places that are not in our best interest. We have to stop listening to music that promotes mental and physical  destruction. We have to stop watching TV that constantly shows us in a bad light for ratings. We have to start building our community up into a powerful empire. The odds are constantly against us, from police violence to companies robbing you blind but not supporting you. It is up to black people to make a change and not fall into the systematic trap.

We have to be careful what we listen to because music greatly affects the brain. Music leaves your brain open for interpertation and affects your mood.  The rap/trap music promotes gang violence and drugs to their listeners, which are mainly black. Did you know music labels have meeting with prison owners? Everything is already set up, they know what you listen to will affects what you do. If you listen to music promoting killing and robbing, you will eventually do those acts and end up in prison. It is up to us to stop supporting this type of music. We literally have all the power in this situation yet, we let other people control it. Side note: Cardi B was brought into fame to destroy the black female and influence the way black women think and carry themselves. She is being used to push the agenda of the typical ghetto, dumb and loud black female (and she’s not even black). She is a disgrace to our culture.    

Music has always been apart of the black culture now, they’re realizing it can control us. It’s so unfortunate because a lot of YOUNG people loveeeee this music (trap/rap) not realizing the damage it’s doing to our community.  

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